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The Unlikely Artist gives you permission to stop settling for a life and career you don’t love. You’re an intelligent, accomplished, soul-searching, curious, creative and passionate human being. This podcast will help you master the skills you need to create a more powerful, purposeful and personally fulfilled life. The truth is you’re not stuck, no matter what choices you’ve made or how tied down you feel. This podcast will show you how to create the freedom you need to become who you want and the slow, easy steps to make it happen. Best of all, you won’t need to leave your job or take big risks. Each week, join former international tax lawyer, Heather Kerr, who left the law to become an artist and coach. Heather’s leading a life she loves now. And you can too. No giant leaps are necessary. Each week in this podcast, Heather will share one simple thing you can do to start creating the life you want. Join The Unlikely Artist podcast every week and Heather will help you expand your world.

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Light in the Cracks | UA85

This episode is about the feeling of bittersweet – sadness and happiness mixed up together. The stuff of life. For me, bittersweet is a signal I’m fully experiencing life. I’m putting myself out there. I’m vulnerably connecting. I’m allowing all of life to be there and I’m allowing myself to

Why Beauty Matters and Where to Find It | UA84

Beauty calls to all of us in some way. It beckons us with its promise that things are alright. The world’s alright. The world’s magical. Beauty helps us fall into a feeling of awe, wonder and gratitude. Life really sucks sometimes. A sudden moment of beauty can help you forget

Cultivating an Attitude of Loving Stewardship | UA83

If you obsess about your goals and are constantly anxious about achieving them, your life isn’t as fun now as it could be. This episode offers you a way to stop striving and feel good now. I got the idea for this episode as I walked around my 8 ½

You’ll Always be Human and That’s OK | UA82

Part of being human is having a brain that predisposes you to negative thinking. No matter how much self development you do, that’s always going to be the case. The negative chatter in your brain will still be there. That’s because your negativity is there for a reason – to

How Pretending Hurts You | UA81

In today’s episode, we tackle all the ways that pretending can hurt you, and why so many of us crave the ability to show up more authentically. Pretending to be different than you are creates so much internal stress that it alters your body language and signals your deceit to

Go Break Some Rules | UA80

All those people who “know” what’s best for you – all the experts, advisers, family and friends – they’re all just people with opinions. It’s a mistake to elevate their opinions to the level of rules you MUST follow. Other people’s opinions, even expert opinions, are always formed in the

Making a Fresh Start | UA79

There’s something in the air. Everyone around me seems to be blowing up their businesses, leaving their jobs, redefining their priorities, or changing their relationships. It’s like we can all suddenly see the downside of NOT changing. Before our brains were focussed on all the risks of making a change.

Simple Solutions to Any Problem | UA78

The complexity of your thinking doesn’t make you smart. It doesn’t help you find the best solutions. It doesn’t make you more likely to succeed. But it definitely slows down the progress you make towards your personal goals. In this episode, I share 5 ways you can discover simple solutions

How To Be More of You | UA77

The best thing you could ever tell me after I've coached you, or you've tried implementing some of the suggestions I make on this podcast is, “I feel more myself then I used to feel.” If more of us could navigate the world being more of who we really are,

Being Witnessed | UA76

Our desire to be seen and heard – to be witnessed – is a fundamental human desire. We all want to know we matter. This episode explores the experience of being witnessed by others, why it’s important, and how we can heal by witnessing ourselves. At a deeper level, our