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The Unlikely Artist gives you permission to stop settling for a life and career you don’t love. You’re an intelligent, accomplished, soul-searching, curious, creative and passionate human being. This podcast will help you master the skills you need to create a more powerful, purposeful and personally fulfilled life. The truth is you’re not stuck, no matter what choices you’ve made or how tied down you feel. This podcast will show you how to create the freedom you need to become who you want and the slow, easy steps to make it happen. Best of all, you won’t need to leave your job or take big risks. Each week, join former international tax lawyer, Heather Kerr, who left the law to become an artist and coach. Heather’s leading a life she loves now. And you can too. No giant leaps are necessary. Each week in this podcast, Heather will share one simple thing you can do to start creating the life you want. Join The Unlikely Artist podcast every week and Heather will help you expand your world.

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Letting Go of Busyness | UA97

“I’m SOOOO busy.” My guess is you’ll hear yourself – and the people around you – saying this A LOT over the next few weeks. Perhaps this is a constant refrain for you all year long. Let’s face it, there’s a part of us that secretly believes it’s a good

Talking to Rocks and Communing With Nature | UA96

Nature helps us discover a depth of beauty in our surroundings that connects us with who we are. In this episode, I share the reason I’m spending more time in nature, how doing that is elevating the way I think and feel, and how more time in nature can do

What Role Are You Playing? | UA95

If you doggedly stay within the role you’re playing, you’ll miss out. And the people around you will miss out on your full genius. All the different roles you play in various contexts have one thing in common – you! When you stick only to actions you judge as fitting

Angela Han Interviews Me on Fit to Practice | UA94

In this super fun episode, my amazing, wise and entertaining peer coach and lawyer friend, Angela Han, interviews me on her podcast, Fit to Practice. Angela has kindly let me share her recording on The Unlikely Artist. I think you’ll enjoy this episode because you get to hear what it’s

The Brilliance in You | UA93

We can get over-coached, over-instructed, over-advised. Even if our coaches, mentors, teachers and instructors are the best in their fields and have valuable ideas to share with us. Our desire to learn and grow, to keep getting better at what we do, to accomplish personal and professional objectives, can cause

The Spontaneous LIfe | UA92

A commitment to stick to your plan is not a prescription for a happy life. When you try to plan as if you knew ahead of time exactly where you’re going, you might feel more in control. Unfortunately, the control’s not real. You can’t predict what you’ll be like or

Slowing Down and Living More | UA91

When we slow down and ditch our impatience for things to be different, our world opens. Our best ideas surface when we stop rushing. When we allow ourselves time to breathe. When our cortisol levels drop and we lose the stress associated with our belief that everything’s urgent. When our

What Perfectionism Makes You Lose | UA90

We tend to secretly believe that our perfectionism is a good thing. We believe it means we have excellent standards. That’s why we feel proud when we share with someone, “I’m a perfectionist”. In this episode, I want to make you aware of some of the ways this thinking can

The Biggest Obstacle to Creativity and How It Affects You | UA89

The same obstacle that impedes an artist’s creativity will also dull your shine, even if you’re a person with no creative aspirations. In this episode, I describe 4 situations where an artist’s creativity was challenged by this obstacle. I diagnose the common mistake and share how a similar pattern of

B. Jeffrey Madoff – Seduced by Ideas – Creative Careers and You | UA88

Sit back and enjoy this interview with Jeff Madoff as he shares his wisdom about creative careers and business. There’s lots of relevant information in this episode for you to digest, whether you’re pursuing a creative career or not. Our discussion covers: Why so many people shut themselves down creatively.