The Transforming Anxiety Podcast

Kelly McCormick

Do you struggle with anxiety? Feel as if you’re trapped in a Groundhog Day loop of stress, worry, and overwhelm? Are you tired of fluffy advice from well-meaning friends and experts that leave you in the same place you started with anxiety? This podcast is the resource you’ve been looking for. Each week, certified Life Coach Kelly McCormick will guide you on the path to true transformation around anxiety. She’ll walk you through specific tools and resources to support your work with this emotion. No fluff or New Age woo involved. Tune in each week for new episodes that offer practical and pragmatic steps for you to integrate into your life. Find out more about her programs and offerings at

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Ep #189: For When Your Brain and Body Say No

#189: Join me this week as I invite you to question what it would be like to just decide you’ve done enough for right now. I’m showing you why we folks with codependent, perfectionist, and people-pleasing habits tend to work ourselves to the bone, the consequences of doing so when

Spiritual Weaponizing

  Has anyone ever told you to “be the bigger person?” Or to look for the “silver lining?” Yeah, these are helpful ideas. Valuable concepts. Things I teach my kids even. I can be the bigger person and show patience, compassion, and kindness. I can find the silver lining in

Ep #188: Stop Taking Things Personally

#188: Discover the many reasons we take things personally, what becomes possible when we stop taking things personally, and the keys to reframing this habit. I’m showing you the role of codependency, perfectionism, and people pleasing in this cycle, and all of my favorite tools for beginning to slowly remove

Push vs. Pull

Y’know on your phone how you can set your notifications to ping you in real-time, so that every time you get an email it pops up on your screen? Orrrrr you can set it so that you have to open the app and actually *check* your email to see what’s

Ep #187: Drama, Drama, Drama

#187: Join me this week as I show you what drama is, what it isn’t, why you may find yourself at the center of drama more often than you’d like. And of course, I share what you can do about it and the remedies to creating or participating in drama

Anticipation is Worse Than Reality

Most of us have a tendency to mentally time-travel into the future and, while we’re there, tell wild stories about how everything is going to HORRIBLY wrong. You know what I mean? The project is going to bomb The savings account is going to shrink to nothing The friends /

Ep #186: Getting Anchored: Natalie’s Experience

#186: I’m sitting down with one of our members of the most recent cohort of Anchored, Natalie, to share her experience of being inside Anchored and the transformations she’s witnessed since being a part of our community. In her work as a management consultant and as a busy mama of

Why It Doesn’t Suck

I’m baaaack! And oh it feels good to be with you, bringing you a brand-new episode of The Transforming Anxiety Podcast. And ha, we’re going to kick it off with a killer topic; we’re diving back in talking about why it doesn’t suck. Which…well, let me explain. There’s a lot

Mindfulness Monday: Invitation

Come join the 6-week How to Meditate to Transform Anxiety course by visiting  This course will teach you: All about mindfulness meditation + debunk the myths around it The key to shifting your relationship with anxiety How meditation can work for you day after day after day How to slow

Ep #185: Disorganized Attachment

#185: Tune in this week to understand the murky waters of disorganized attachment, and see how we can develop more secure ways of moving through the world. I’m sharing how to see where disorganized attachment might be showing up through your habits, or those of the people you love, so