The Stop Binge Eating Podcast

Kirstin Sarfde

If you’re ready to end your struggle with binge eating and create your ideal eating life then this is the podcast for you. You’ll learn how to find and use your self-control, how to trust yourself around food, and change your relationship with food. You’ll learn simple tools that you can apply in your own life right away and gain insights into why you keep self-sabotaging yourself and what you can do about it. Your host, Kirstin Sarfde, is a certified life and weight loss coach who has gone through her own struggle with binge eating. She combines what she’s learned in her extensive training along with her own personal experiences to give you an alternative solution for ending binge eating. You have more power and more control than you think, it’s time for you to believe it and use it. You can find out more about Kirstin’s work at

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Ep #241: Self-Control

Do you sometimes, or always, feel like you have no self-control? I’m going to help you get more of it.   In this episode, I’m breaking down why it feels like you have no self-control and what you can do to do more of what you truly want to be

Ep #240: Resetting and Centering Yourself

Most of the time, we feel most centered in the morning. We have taken at least 7 hours (hopefully) to sleep and reset and when we wake up, we feel more motivated than we did the afternoon or night before. So it makes sense that when we feel off that

Ep #239: Core Principles – Being Present, Allowing, Accepting

As a binge eating coach, I hear myself talk about the same things repeatedly with my clients and in today’s episode, I’m sharing three of them. These three core principles are all extremely important and need to be incorporated into your life when you’re working on stopping binge eating.  

Ep #238: Fearing the Scale

Are you afraid to step on the scale because of what might happen after you do? Maybe you’ll feel bad or start eating how you don’t really want to be eating. Well, that doesn’t have to happen anymore.   Using the scale to see how much you weigh is a

Ep #237: Doing the Bare Minimum

When there’s so much you want to work on with your eating and when life gets busy, your initial reaction might be to just do nothing. It you can’t do it all then it’s not worth it, right? Wrong.   In this episode, I’m talking about doing the little things

Ep #236: Your Thoughts About Your Desires

Do you ever desire something and then think you shouldn’t or that you don’t want to? I can be frustrating when that happens and to make matters worse, it’s not going to change your desire. So in this episode, I want to help you to stop judging your desires and

Ep #235: Rebelling Against Yourself

Do you rebel against yourself? It can be confusing why you do that so in this episode, I’m going to help you understand.   There’s two common reason why and I’m going to break down both and show you how you can stop using these reasons to rebel. Listen in

Ep #234: A Year Without Drinking Alcohol

I didn’t drink alcohol for a whole year and I noticed some similarities with eating food. So in this episode, I’m sharing my experience while also relating it to why we binge and overeat and what needs to happen for us to stop. Listen in to learn about what I

Ep #233: Shopping for New Clothes

If you’ve gained weight, you might not want to buy new clothes. You might think it’s admitting defeat, that wearing your tighter clothes will be motivating, or you just hate the process of trying on new clothes. But, not wearing clothes that fit you might actually be hindering your attempts

Ep #232: Experiencing Pleasure Without Eating Food

Not getting enough non-food pleasure in your life might be contributing to your binge eating. So I’m going to help you get more.   In this episode, I’m talking about how you can experience more pleasure without putting in a ton of effort. There are other things you can do