The Stop Binge Eating Podcast

Kirstin Sarfde

If you’re ready to end your struggle with binge eating and create your ideal eating life then this is the podcast for you. You’ll learn how to find and use your self-control, how to trust yourself around food, and change your relationship with food. You’ll learn simple tools that you can apply in your own life right away and gain insights into why you keep self-sabotaging yourself and what you can do about it. Your host, Kirstin Sarfde, is a certified life and weight loss coach who has gone through her own struggle with binge eating. She combines what she’s learned in her extensive training along with her own personal experiences to give you an alternative solution for ending binge eating. You have more power and more control than you think, it’s time for you to believe it and use it. You can find out more about Kirstin’s work at

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Ep #217: Slowing Down Your Eating

Do you have a hard time slowing down when you’re eating? You CAN slow down and in this episode I’m going to tell you how to do it.   There’s probably some things you’re doing that are making it harder for you and there’s things you need to do to

Ep #216: Fail Plan

If you’re not willing to fail, then you won’t be willing to do things that might result in failing. This is a problem if those things are what you need to do to succeed.   In this episode, I’m going to help you be more open to the possibility of

Ep #215: How to Follow Through on a Decision to Not Eat

It can be hard to follow through on a decision to not eat food…especially when eating the food sounds like a really good idea too. But learning how to say no is an important part of stopping binge eating.   In this episode, I’m going to explain why it’s hard

Ep #214: Wasting Food

None of us want to be wasteful. But sometimes, our choice to not waste ends up negatively affecting us. You overeat to not waste food, or money, and that overeating might even lead you into a binge. So in this episode, I’m going to help you to be more okay

Ep #213: Weighing Yourself While Working on Stopping Binge Eating

Should you weigh yourself while you’re working on stopping binge eating? If this is a question you want the answer to, there’s another question for you to ask yourself. Why do you want to? In this episode, I’m talking about the reasons why you’d want to weigh yourself and whether

Ep #212: Resting

Working is important but, so is resting and too many people aren’t doing it enough. They might think resting is a waste of time or there isn’t any time for it but, it’s not and you gotta make time.   In this episode, I’m showing you how lack of rest

Ep #211: The Process of Habit Creation

Have you ever been frustrated when creating a new habit takes longer than you expected? If you have, you’re not alone. We sometimes have an idea about how long it will take and what the process will look like but sometimes, we’re wrong.   In this episode, I’m talking about

Ep #210: When You’ve Tried Everything and Nothing’s Working

Have you tried everything and nothing’s working? Well, you actually haven’t and something WILL work. Listen in to find out what you’re going to try now and what will work for you.   Interested in working with me? Go to to get all the information you need!   Find

Ep #209: Becoming Yourself

When you binge and overeat, you’re not being yourself. You’re also not being yourself when you do the things that lead you to a binge or overeat. You might want to change this quickly to become who you want to be but, you might be missing a very important step.

Ep #208: Consuming Low or Zero Calorie Food/Drink to Not Binge

It’s common for people to consume something with low or zero calories when they’re feeling an urge in order to avoid a binge. But is it helpful? Maybe, maybe not.   In this episode, I’m exploring that answer and going in depth with the reason why it might not be