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tammie bennett

the show up society podcast helps you show up for your goals one tiny step at a time. host tammie bennett gives tiny challenges and tips to help you improve your creativity, mindset, goal setting, running, productivity and more. when you show up for yourself, even in tiny ways, you can find your authentic self and have fun working towards your purpose. let’s make big things happen!

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finding success by celebrating progression

168.  this episode is almost like a part 2 for last week's episode 167. i'm talking about breaking down tasks into easy, doable parts. and here's the important thing.  one of the biggest signs that someone will have success is their willingness to celebrate the process and their progress. celebrate

how to do scary things

167. i present to you tammie's turtle technique, which is how i do scary things.  i believe that achieving goals means you have to get uncomfortable sometimes and do things that feel a little scary.  but if we get too scared, we freeze and don't take any action. so i

letting your field lie fallow

166.  this episode could also be titled how recovery and restoration are crucial to success.   i'm talking about taking a rest from the thing you are doing in order to recover and regroup so you can keep going and hit your big-picture goals.  i also give you the shows

one way to feel less judged

165. have you ever felt judged when someone asked you something like, "is that what you're wearing to dinner?"  same, friend. but here's the thing.  just because someone asks you a question, does NOT mean they are judging you.  in this episode, i help you find other ways to think

foundations for sustainable success

164. i'm giving you my 13 BEST tips to have success in your life, in a sustainable way. meaning a way that feels doable, light, fun and playful.  these are the TOP tips i have used on myself, in my business, and with my clients every day.  and they work,

who are you?

163. do you freeze up when you have to write a bio or give your elevator pitch? are you telling yourself you don't know who you are or what you're about? maybe you've lost touch a little bit with who you are because you've been trying to appeal to other people

a key trait for success

162.  do you ever come home from a workout and check out your body to see if your muscles are poppin?   or maybe you send a newsletter and you check over and over to see how many sales it generated. are you willing for it to take way longer

overcoming perfectionism to get it done

161.  in this episode, i talk about how to overcome perfectionism so you can DO the thing.  done really is better than perfect.  you can always perfect it later.   i can help you feel better and get more done in 6 months. if you loved what i talked about in

life lessons from weightlifting

160.  i've started weightlifting this year in my quest to be vibrant and strong.  i'm sharing 5 impactful life lessons from my time in the gym with you today.   even if you don't lift weights and have no desire to do so, this is a powerful episode and can

2023 goals with nike coach chris bennett

159.  chris bennett, nike running's global head coach (and my husband), is on the podcast today to talk about our 2023 goals. we also talk about what went well and what didn't pan out in 2022.  this is a great episode if you want to learn how to look at