the SHOW UP society podcast

tammie bennett

the show up society podcast helps you show up for your goals one tiny step at a time. host tammie bennett gives tiny challenges and tips to help you improve your creativity, mindset, goal setting, running, productivity and more. when you show up for yourself, even in tiny ways, you can find your authentic self and have fun working towards your purpose. let’s make big things happen!

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loving and dressing the body you're in with judith gaton

155.  i'm excited to share this conversation with guest judith gaton, stylist, life coach, author and former attorney.  judith helps women who have figured out their careers but not their closets.  she helps women see that when style and confidence are dialed in, they can do the work they were

the number 1 key to changing your life

154. the title is so dramatic, right?!  but i'm telling you from my years of coaching  – the number 1 indicator that someone is going to change their life for the better is ……….. (well, you gotta listen to the episode.)  i can't be giving away the secret to the

3 tiny ways to show yourself love

153. i'm giving you 3 tiny ways to show yourself love.  now before you go calling me corny, stick with me.  i'm going to tell why it's so important to show yourself love and i'm going to tell you how it ties into gratitude.  gratitude is so important to creating

the eff you letter

152. yep. i'm saying the f-word in this episode so hide your kids. but i'm using it in a way that will set you free. i want you to write an eff you letter to someone who said something about you that has limited your belief in yourself.  maybe they said

changing your capacity to experience joy.

151.  i share a story about the great weekend i had and how it made me realize that i've had a monumental shift.  i am now able to fully experience joy even though it has felt impossible to do so for almost my entire life.  (i used to live half

answer this question to change your life

150.  you've probably heard asking the question "why" is powerful, especially in terms of motivation and goal setting. but i'm giving you a new way to think about the question "why"when you know WHY you aren't doing what you want to be doing, and when you know WHY you ARE doing

how a small project helped me love myself

149.  i did a silly fitness dance and posted it on instagram 30 days in a row and it transformed the way i thought about my body and showing up online.  this episode is for you if you've ever not wanted to be visible online, if you've ever said mean

an update on my 2022 goals

148.  you asked for an episode talking about my goals, so here you go!in december of 2021, i wrote down my goals for 2022.  more specifically, i wrote down 8 emotions i wanted to feel in 2022.  creative, healthy, playful, uncluttered, valuable service, boldly me, intentional and loving.i also listed

evidence it's working

147.  you have SO many ways to measure (and celebrate) your progress towards your goals in addition to the final result or a measurement from a machine. there are so many wins on your way to a goal other than the time on the clock, dollars in your bank account,

what's your motive?

146.  i'm getting vulnerable with you and sharing some tender thoughts i've had about my body and my recent lack of self-care.  i'm also sharing with you my plans to increase self-care and my choice of motive.  it is so much more sustainable to do self-care from a place of