The Self Mastery Podcast: Overcome Pornography

Zach Spafford

Learning to overcome my porn use was the greatest challenge of my life and my marriage. It had rocked my self confidence, tainted all of the most important experiences of my life and become the impossible challenge I was forced to live with as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. With this podcast or at you'll learn about the struggle, how to overcome pornography use, and where to find additional resources to become a self mastery expert. At some point I took a step away from all the 12 step meetings and councilors and started to figure out my own brain, to look at my issue as something that I had the answer to and I was going to figure it out. Here I share those lessons and give you the power to start your own journey free. Whether you are the user or their partner, whether you feel stuck or just don't know where to start, here I will teach you principles, tools and skills that you can use today to change how you think and, in the end, what you do. You'll hear interviews with my spouse, with experts on human sexuality and with former and current pornography users on how you can overcome your own struggle with addictive behavior. The Overcome Pornography Forever Podcast will bring new perspective to your struggle and keep you coming back to improve all aspects of your life.

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New podcast Direction

Hey, everybody welcome to our podcast I think you guys probably noticed something that there was no intro music. did you did you guys notice that did you notice that Darcy I don't know because I can't hear it. So. If you notice that there was no welcome to episode

How we justify and it leads to porn

One of my clients sent me a message a couple of weeks ago that I thought was common but interesting.   He was talking about how he had become bored while he was studying and the thought crossed his mind to google something that he could tell at the time was

Why do People view porn before bed?

Why do I view porn before bed?If you are listening to this podcast, you are probably like everyone else on the planet and have chosen to do something that feels good right now at the expense of sleep.  I know I’ve done it.  Whether it is watching one more episode

How to never fail again at overcoming pornography forever

One of the biggest issues that every person who works to overcome pornography has is that they often feel like they are failing if they have any sort of setback or make any sort of mistake in the way that they are handling themselves.  So today we are going to

Re-Focus, Re-Habit, Re-think to Overcome Porn Forever

Join the membership for 50% off using promo code LABORDAY50 Click here to join Here is a story that we are all familiar with, that we all believe is true, and that we inflict on ourselves when we think about our pornography struggle.   The story begins with us seeing

Viewing Pornography is A Lot Like Getting A Participation Trophy

As I was discussing pornography with one of my clients, an odd phrase occurred to me.  Pornography is a participation trophy.  On the podcast we don’t do a lot of porn bashing, mostly because when people come to listen I feel like they already have a really keen sense of

Will More Sex Will Solve My Porn Problem?

I used to think that once my wife and I could have sex because we were married that my pornography problem would go away.  Then when we got married and my pornography problem kept going, I used to think that if we had sex that day, I wouldn’t turn to