The Secrets To Mind Blowing Business

Shelma Kasanti

Welcome to The Secrets To Mind Blowing Business! I’m Shelma Kasanti and I am a sales expert and a life coach. In this podcast, I’m gonna teach you how to sign more clients, make more money, and blow your own mind. It’s gonna be so much fun! Are you ready?

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This Podcast is closing…. BUT We’re gonna have a new one! Yay!!! Details will be announced later. Super excited! I will talk to you again very soon!

2022 Planning Part 2 – No-Pressure Goals

In this episode, I share with you a simple process to create a no-pressure goal that will have you not only create a lot of amazing results in your life and business, but also having a ton of fun doing it.

2022 Planning Part 1 – 2021 No-Pressure Evaluation

Setting a goal for 2022 without evaluating your 2021 is like going into a battle without knowing the tools you had at your disposal. You know it’s gonna be so much harder to win. This is a part of a 3 part series on 2022 Planning. Part 1: 2021 No-Pressure

Why Stop Fixing Yourself

When you know how to create transformations on demand, it can be easy to get stuck in tying to fix ourselves. It’s a vicious cycle. In this episode, I’m gonna sell you on why you wanna stop fixing yourself and what to do instead with your time and energy, so

Inauthenticity Detox

Y’all, we’re gonna talk about fun stuff in this episode! I’m sharing with you about what it means to be authentic, and how to detox yourself from inauthenticity in 3 simple steps. I personally use these steps in my business to write emails, record podcast episodes, post on social media,

Your Thoughts About Your Audience

Your relationship with your audience is how you think about them. Join me in this episode where we talk about how to create a relationship that feels fun and nourishing for both you and your people. This will help you show up in your business with so much more joy,

Your Thoughts About Your Coaches

Your thoughts about your coaches matters. It affects your experience in coaching, how you show up, and ultimately your results. If you want to be able to always get what you came for, go listen to this episode.

Tiny Actions

If the idea of taking massive actions freak you out, this episode is for you. We covered a way to actually create the desire to take actions to get you what you want in life and business. In this podcast, I also shared with you stories of how I used

The Antidote to Shame

Here are the things we covered on this episode: – 3 things you want to be aware of when you feel Shame – The antidote to shame – Practical examples of how this show up in your life and business