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Andrea Nordling

The Profitable Nutritionist™ is a podcast for holistic nutritionists and health coaches who are ready to make more money and help more people…WITHOUT relying on social media. That’s right: You’ll learn simple, effective, evergreen marketing and sales strategies and tools to grow your health and wellness business organically so you can impact more people without sacrificing your own health and sanity along the way. After almost 20 years as a successful full-time entrepreneur in 3 different industries, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and certified Life Coach Andrea Nordling is sharing her proprietary Repeatable Revenue Process for building a consistently profitable health and wellness practice online that you won’t learn anywhere else. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss your weekly dose of business and money mindset insights, coaching tools and resources, and step by step actions you can take for attracting more of your dream clients without ever trying another “engagement strategy” or algorithm hack ever again. Hit subscribe and let’s begin.

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Hiring Your First VA Or Contractor w/ Raven Wilson

Today on The Profitable Nutritionist™ Podcast, Andrea is giving a really valuable "behind the scenes" interview with Team Build A Profitable Practice's own Operations Manager extraordinaire, Raven Wilson.   Raven and Andrea unpacked several important considerations for making the best hires in your business, including: How to hire no-risk contractors

Not Knowing The How with Dawn Thalheimer

Today on The Profitable Nutritionist™ Podcast, Andrea is welcoming student Dawn Thalheimer to share with you the strategy she has used to sign more clients in the last 21 days than she did in the entirety of last year. Spoiler: She didn't know HOW she was going to do it,

Guaranteeing 100% Results In The Profitable Nutritionist Program

It's a special week this week because  The Profitable Nutritionist™️ program will be OPEN for new student enrollment, which only happens a few times each year. This Thursday, March 2nd-March 8th the doors are OPEN so get it in your calendar right now to make sure you don't miss it.

Sending Too Many Emails

In today’s episode of The Profitable Nutritionist, Andrea is going deep into email marketing. Specifically, the line between not sending enough and sending too many emails. Andrea is going to give you a spoiler right out of the gate here and tell you that it's 99.9% guaranteed you're NOT sending

Joe Dispenza Week Long Advanced Retreat Recap

In December I attended a week long Dr. Joe Dispenza advanced meditation retreat that you're going to want to hear about. My students in TPN had lots of questions about the event and wanted to know more about how the heck I ended up at a meditation retreat as someone

$385K from a Tiny Email List with Priyanka Venugopal

You better not be distracted for today's episode, my friend. This is one you're going to listen to over and over again, because it is FULL of gems that are going to help you make more money easily and simply.  No, I'm not singing my own praises because those gems

Selling Yourself On Your Premium Offer with Kelli Arbogast

Today I’m welcoming my student Kelli Arbogast to share with you the incredible transformation she's made over the last year and a half of her business in regards to one central component: Her Offers. In fact, Kelli has more than quadrupled the price of her offer since she started in

Selling One Premium Offer with English Goldsborough

Today I’m welcoming my student English Goldsborough to share what she's learned in the evolution of her uber successful holistic nutrition practice from brand new practice charging $100 a month to now getting her clients 100% results with a $10,000 offer. She has such great nuggets of wisdom to give

My Advanced Launch Planning Process (That Works!)

Warning: The advanced launch strategy in this episode is NOT for use in the beginning stages of selling in your business. Doing a formal "launch" this way is best suited for an offer you've already sold at least $30K+. With that being said, if you HAVE successfully sold your offer

Testing Your Client Process: Should You Work For Free?

Two questions come up often from my students: What should I actually DO with my clients? How do I create a process for them? Should I work with clients for free before I start charging? This episode is a very comprehensive, tactical answer to both of those questions. I'm teaching