The Peaceful Productivity Podcast

Kim Christiansen

I help new entrepreneurs create the time, money, and mindset to set up a profitable business. I want to help you create more success in your life for two reasons: #1, because I believe passionately in your ability to create whatever result you want in your life. #2,because I want to help you find more enjoyment in the journey, regardless of the destination. Peaceful Productivity is all about rediscovering your enjoyment in the process of creating your profitable business. Join me for weekly podcast episodes for strategies in time management, money management, business management and emotional management that will support your profitable productivity AND help you feel better in the process.

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#80 – No BS with Corinne Crabtree

They say you should never meet your heroes.  Well on this episode I throw caution to the wind and I sit down with one of my mentors, Corinne Crabtree, for a candid conversation about all things weight loss, productivity, and business. And regardless of the topic, a fascinating theme emerges… 

#79 – Beyond the To-Do List

Have you been playing with the idea of starting a podcast?  What about turning that podcast into a business? Well today, I get to talk with someone who has done just that!  My sibling in all things productivity, Erik Fisher from the podcast "Beyond the To-Do List" joins me to

#78 – Overcoming Procrastination

Are you noticing that you are not getting results as fast as you wanted? The reason might be because procrastination is getting in your way.  The tricky part about procrastination is that it might not look like you thought it would, which can make it hard to even identify.  Especially

#77 – How to Set Metrics in Your Business

When you are setting metrics in your business, you may not know what's important or where to place your focus. Too many metrics are overwhelming.  Too few are like operating a car without a dashboard. In today's episode I share two types of metrics, that when used in combination, can

#76 – When to Pivot

Feeling frustrated by your lack of progress and wondering if your approach needs an overhaul?  If so, this episode is for you. Today, I will share the difference between making the decision to pivot from a place of fear and making that same decision grounded in data from a place

#75 – Stress Relief

This episode is great for those who are interested in learning some techniques for relieving stress in the moment. We already know that consistent restful sleep, proper nutrition, and regular exercise can contribute to an overall decrease in stress, but today I want to share 6 techniques that you can

#74 – Accessing Your Inner Wisdom

When we start listening to our own inner wisdom, we start to rely on ourselves more. This creates more self-trust.  We build a connection with ourselves that allows us to show up as the true version of ourselves and it creates the authenticity for a deeper connection with others. We

#73 – Building Your Tolerance for Uncertainty

Are you stuck in 'analysis paralysis'?  It makes sense that when you are feeling anxious about a situation that you might find yourself over-preparing and worrying about it in an effort to feel more in control and less uncertain. Sometimes, you might become so fixated on trying to predict and

#72 – The Write Results

Today I am speaking with Amber (A.F.S.) Green about the business of writing. Amber is both a writer and a small business owner.  On this episode she candidly shares her journey in starting and running a successful small business for over 10 years.  We chat about balancing the dual roles

#71 – Your Most Powerful Asset

Today we are going to dive in and explore your most powerful asset… What is it? Some might believe that their most powerful asset is their money.  Or perhaps their time. I would offer that your most valuable asset is actually your mindset. Or more precisely, the ability to CHOOSE