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Kim Christiansen

I help new entrepreneurs create the time, money, and mindset to set up a profitable business. I want to help you create more success in your life for two reasons: #1, because I believe passionately in your ability to create whatever result you want in your life. #2,because I want to help you find more enjoyment in the journey, regardless of the destination. Peaceful Productivity is all about rediscovering your enjoyment in the process of creating your profitable business. Join me for weekly podcast episodes for strategies in time management, money management, business management and emotional management that will support your profitable productivity AND help you feel better in the process.

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#66 – The 4-Day Work Week

A lot of people didn't think it could be done:  double-digit business growth while cutting back on hours.  Especially in public accounting that is notorious for overworking and long hours. Today we are joined by Mike McLenehan, the founder and managing partner of a public accounting firm that is transitioning

#65 – Retirement is a State of Mind

This week I have invited Freddi Dogterom back to the podcast to talk about retirement.  When I typically think about retirement planning, I usually think only about the financial aspects of retirement.  In today's episode, you'll learn all about the 'lifestyle' aspects of retirement. Those things like 'what do I

#64 – Planning & Happy Accidents

Buckle up because today we're going on a ride with Freddi Dogterom! Accomplished speaker, certified career development professional, and professional retirement planner, Freddi and I will explore the highs and lows of the career journey. From starting out, to career fulfillment, to transitioning to the next big thing, Freddi uses

#63 – Creating More Business Profit

When it comes to creating business profit, not all activities are created equally!  In fact, today I want to share with you the 3 High Impact Activities (HIA's) that return more profit than other activities. Knowing these HIA's can help you get more focused, stop leaking cash, and regain your

#62 – Why You're Not Making More Money

Do you want to to increase the money you're making? You might be tempted to work more hours to make more money. Before you do that, I want to offer 3 reasons you might not be making more money with what you are already doing. Listen in to learn how

#61 – Taking Action

Are you feeling frustrated by your lack of results?  In today's episode we explore the relationship between self-imposed pressure and your ability to take strategic action to get the results that you want. I also share strategies for relieving some of that pressure so that you can show up from

#60 – How to Stop Overworking

Are you working more hours each week than you want to?  You are not alone. According to a recent survey of service professionals, 94% spend more than 50 hours per week on work, with many working on the weekend. So it's no surprise that this is typically cited as the

#59 – When You Are Reluctant to Put Yourself Out There

Are you finding it difficult to step outside of your comfort zone?  In this episode, we are going to do a little exploration into what might be standing in your way. Introversion.  Shyness.  Social Anxiety. Although the associated behaviours might look the same from the outside, there is a significant

#58 – Strength Focused Success

"Everybody is a genius.  But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid."   ~ Albert Einstein Do you spend more time focused on playing in your strengths, or more time developing your weaknesses?   

#57 – Pay Yourself First

Not a new concept, but a very powerful one that can be applied in a variety of different ways to save you time, money and mental energy. Connect with meEmail: kim@financialwellnesscoach.caFB: I would love it if you were to subscribe, leave a review, and share this podcast