Cori Burchell

THE MODERN GODDESS podcast is for ordinary women who want to create an extraordinary life. Life and Business Coach Cori Burchell leads us into deep dive discussions to explore the question … “how do we create an extraordinary life? How do we create our businesses and careers in a modern and feminine way? Through discussion and interviews with amazing women who are leading the path and modeling an extraordinary life for all of us, we’ll explore what it takes to be a feminine leader, a modern goddess and a kick ass entrepreneur.

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5. Outside In vs. Inside Out

Are you thinking about making a big change or transformation in your life? In this episode, I’m sharing the two different approaches and schools of thought when it come to making meaningful personal changes….. “Outside In versus Inside Out”.  I’m sharing how my experiences in creating costumes for movies and

4. How to stop a bad habit

HOW TO STOP A BAD HABIT Happy New Year everyone! January is typically the time we all think about resolutions, goals and the year ahead. I’ve had some big successes with major changes I’ve made that start on January 1st and in this episode I’m sharing what exactly it takes

3. The Joy of Doing Hard Things

THE JOY OF DOING HARD THINGS In today’s episode I talk about an unpopular idea … running towards hard things instead of running away from them.   So many people are looking for the easy way of doing things … and while I’m not a fan of making anything more

2. How to be a Feminine Leader

The world needs more leaders …  but we also need to embrace a new paradigm of Modern Leadership. It’s time for female entrepreneurs to embrace our natural strengths and skills and to become Feminine Leaders. If you’re a coach or service-based entrepreneur, seeing yourself as a CEO and stepping into

1. The Global Pandemic and Miracles

Welcome to the first episode of the Modern Goddess Podcast by Cori Burchell, Life Coach We’re in the middle of an unprecedented time in history. The world as we have know is about to change rather dramatically and many people are struggling with how to deal with all the emotions