The Midlife Sex Coach for Women™ Podcast

Dr. Sonia Wright

The Midlife Sex Coach for Women™ Podcast helps women address their sexual concerns and create the sexual intimacy of their dreams. If you are not sure how to fit sex into your busy life or perhaps you feel your libido has died and you’re not sure how to fix the problem, then this podcast is for you! Certified life coach and sexual counselor, Dr. Sonia Wright is here to help! Join her weekly as she addresses sexual issues from a caring, respectful, and humorous perspective. Sexual difficulties do happen, and they can be resolved! If you are ready to create the sex life of your dreams, visit!

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116. An Interview with Velvet Flair: Standing Up and Being Heard

When Velvet Flair joined my program, Own Your Sexuality Now, she was just out of menopause and feeling stuck in both her life and her marriage. She felt like she was in crisis with her husband, and knew she needed help. It took her a while to break the ice

115. An Interview with Juicy Fruit from Lonely to Empowered

Tune in this week to hear what was going on in Juicy Fruit’s life when we began working together, what made her realize she was unhappy for so long, and what made her decide to finally change things. The OYSN course is about choosing and loving ourselves, and Juicy Fruit

114. Revisiting: An Interview with Spicy Girl

Spicy Girl is one of my private clients and she came to me for guidance after experiencing something so many women experience: the realization that when she became a mother, she turned off the sexual part of her and began identifying more as a mom, but less of a sexual

113. Revisiting: Interview with My 74-Year-Old Diamond Didi

This week I’m revisiting my interview with my incredible 74-year-old Diamond, Didi. Didi grew up believing that her role was simply to serve a man and that her sexuality was not important. She joins me to share how she learned to embrace her sexuality, why it was OK to prioritize

112. What?!?! Sexual Intimacy Coaching School with Lisa Hatlestad

This week I’m bringing you a special conversation with one of my favorite people in the world, certified life coach Lisa Hatlestad. We’re talking all about something exciting that will be happening in Spring 2023: The Sexual Intimacy Coaching School – what?! It’s time to end the generational impact around

111. Celebrating Menopause: Empowered Living

In this episode, I’m sharing 10 reasons we should all celebrate menopause and how to use what I’m teaching you to start living an empowered life. I’m sharing my own experience of menopause and some things you might experience as well, and how to use this time of your life

110. Celebrating Menopause: Sexual Intimacy

Menopause is not a death sentence for your sex life. I believe it’s something to be celebrated, and while there are challenges, menopause is the beginning of a whole new you. So, tune in this week to discover why menopause is a gift, what it means for your pleasure and

109. Celebrating Coming Out

In this episode, my partner Dr. Kimmery Newsom and I are talking all about sexual orientation, coming out, and the importance of being true to ourselves. Hear some sexual orientations that exist that you might identify with, and Dr. Kimmery and I share our journeys of coming out and the

108. When You Just Don’t Want to F*ck

In this episode, I’m sharing what might be leading you to not want to have sex or engage in sexual penetration and showing you how to investigate the thoughts and feelings that are coming up for you. Learn how to have conversations about sexual intimacy from a place of love,

107. Worthy of Rest

In this episode, I’m showing you why there is a huge difference between who you are and what you do, and why your worth is not correlated with the amount you do. I’m showing you how to give yourself validation, approval, and permission to rest, and how to allow yourself