The MFR Coach’s Podcast w/Heather Hammell, Life + Business Coach for Myofascial Release Therapists

Heather Hammell

Are you a John Barnes Trained MFR Therapist? If so this is the podcast for you. Heather Hammell is a life and business coach for JFB Trained MFR Therapists who want to create a 6 figure business. Listen in as she shares with you exactly what is possible when you decide on purpose to create the practice you have always wanted. Even if you’ve had a practice for years and even if you are just starting out, or thinking about creating your own MFR business. Find out more at

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EP. 85 Bad Ass Boss B*$ch with Tracey Hobbie

On this episode, we welcome back my past client and podcast guest, Myofascial Release therapist Tracey Hobbie. I absolutely love these episodes where we get to catch up with past guests to see how their business is progressing. This not only gives me an opportunity to reconnect but it gives

EP. 84 The Movement

Each quarter my group coaching program opens up for enrollment and each time this happens new MFR therapists find their way into a room where they start to create or transform their MFR business into their wildest dreams. Graduates of the MFR Group Coaching Program are having more sanity in

Ep 53 – Five Most Common Mistakes on Your Sales Page

How can you develop a sales page that moves people into action? You don’t want people to abandon it in under 30 seconds, right? Today you will hear about the Top 5 Mistakes that I’ve seen on sales pages  – the kinds of things that block them from being as

EP. 82 What It Takes To Create a 100K MFR Business with Rob Crampton

Today’s guest is no stranger to the podcast. Let’s welcome Rob Crampton for his third interview. His journey has been amazing and we have all learned so much from his experience. This episode will also bring you some wonderful insights that you can apply to your own MFR practice.   This

EP. 81 Raise Your Rate Live Is Back

The hardest part about building a bigger business so you can have a bigger life is the idea that raising your rates or making any changes in your business has to be hard and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. I’m here to challenge you to get curious about

EP. 80 Your Thriving MFR Practice Is An Inside Job

You’ve probably had one of the following thoughts before – “once I hit fully booked, or once I start getting paid the rate that I want to get paid, or once I get that first client through the door, or once I hit that money goal, I’m finally going to

EP 52 – How to Thrive as an Entrepreneur

The skill set you need to run your own business is vastly different from the ones that make you successful in Corporate America.  The growth opportunities are endless . . . and that’s a nice way of saying – challenging!   We all go into business because we are EXCELLENT

EP. 79 Understand Your Client’s Problem Before Offering A Solution

When attempting to provide a client with the best treatment, it is important for you as the therapist to realize that you are offering a solution to a challenge or problem that is causing chronic pain and in many cases, the client is not aware of what is going on,

EP 51 – How Valuable is Your Network?

Do you cringe at the thought of going to a “networking” event?  Does it bring up images of sharks circling in the water looking for fresh blood?  Networking shouldn’t make you feel that way!   When you find the right network to get plugged into, and you show up in a