The Life Launch Podcast for Mama Entrepreneurs

Heather Boersma

A podcast to equip mama entrepreneurs to double their business without increasing their hours. Whether you sell a product, service or are in network marketing, this podcast will equip you with the mindset AND strategy you need to take your business and life to the next level, with more heart and less hustle. Learn about mastering your time, your mindset or your business strategy, every single week! Heather Boersma is a business coach for mama entreprenuers and has a passion to see women not just surviving motherhood and business but THRIVING in it. Each episode will equip you to show up for yourself, your family and your business without hustle and burn out and from a heart-centred, aligned place. Connect with Heather on Instagram: @heatherboermsaEmail to be a guest:

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The Myth of Work/Life Balance

If you've been struggling to create work/life balance and wondering if it's even possible, this one is for you. In this episode I share the idea of work/life INTEGRATION and how trading balance for integration can help you create bigger results in your business and personal life.  Connect with Heather:

Creating Safety in your Business w/ Alisha Mckay

Do you ever feel unsafe in your business?  Maybe we you launch a new website, or share something vulnerable on your stories. Your heart starts pounding and your palms get sweaty and you think "this is a terrible idea and I'm going to unpublish or delete this right now!" Or

Building a Community that Grows your Business w/ Shannon Lorenz

As female small business owners it can be tempting to isolate ourselves. It often happens completely unintentionally as well. We are so focused on running our business and being present with our families that we forget to take time to connect with other female business owners. And sometimes we're even

The Truth about FB Ads

A few months ago I started my 3rd round of FB ads with an ads manager. I knew it was time to scale my business and this was ONE way to do it.  But what I didn't anticipate was ALL the thoughts and feelings that would come up along the

Scheduling is Sexy

If you're a female business owner and a mom, I'm guessing you have a lot of tasks to keep track of every day. And if you're like most people, you're using some version of a running To Do list to try to keep track of everything. But to do lists

CEO Self Care w/ Paige Barlow

As small business owners and mama's, we have a lot of people depending on us. And there are a lot of demands on our time. And it can feel like the best (and only) way to keep us is to stay busy all the time. To respond to all the

Bonus: Go Gangbusters at your next Market!

It's handmade market season! I just went to my first local market a few weeks ago and it was amazing – as the shopper. But I know from coaching many market vendors and even a few organizers, that it can be a VERY stressful season. Exciting, fun and stressful.  If

How to Pitch Collabs w/out the Drama!

Have you ever sent a DM to someone you really want to work with and heard nothing back?! It's the worst isn't it? Working up the courage to put yourself out there, planning the perfect pitch and then – crickets! In today's episode I want to teach you a simple

Digging Your Business "Why Well"

If you want to grow a successful business, even when it's hard, you need to know your "Why". When you have a BIG why, it will motivate you through all the fear and failures that inevitably come up on this entrepreneurial journey.  In today's episode I talk about the concept

Leveraging your Desires w/ our Special Guest

How do you make big decisions in your life and business? Do you decide based on what you feel like you "should" do? What's the "right" thing to do? What everyone else wants you to do? What everyone else IS doing? What about what you want? Does what you want