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Nika Maples

The author of five books, Nika Maples is a writer, speaker, and lupus and stroke survivor who loves to help Christian writers conquer what’s holding them back so they can finish, publish, and market their amazing books.

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129: Open Your Eyes to What’s in Front of You

Today, I share a supernatural lesson from the Lord about spiritual eyes. In 2007, I had done a lot of traveling as Texas Teacher of the Year.  Much of that travel was staying in rooms with unappealing views and I told myself a story I spent 15 years believing.  A

128: Extend Your Impact with David Vick

David Vick, former student of The Keep Writing Course and author of Emotions, Your Child’s AND Yours: Encouragement to Help Your Relationship Thrive joins the Keep Writing Podcast to discuss how he chose to write a book.  David also shares why he wrote the book, who it’s for, and the

127: Be Intentionally Productive with Thomas Umstattd

Thomas Umstattd joins The Keep Writing Podcast today to share practical tips to become a more productive author. The gems Thomas shares are going to encourage you on the path you are on and help you make necessary changes in areas you may be stuck. Thomas’ tips will help you

126: Move Past Fear with Jennifer Allwood

Show Notes: In this episode I’m speaking with Jennifer Allwood, the gold standard for Christian women in business. She knows how to make money for the glory of God and have fun doing it. She's also a published author with two outstanding books. But not long ago, she was wondering

125: Plan, Plan, Plan

Show Notes: Let’s face it, finding a premade paper planner as a coach, writer and influencer that meets all your needs can be difficult. But not anymore, in this episode I’m introducing you to the brand new resource I’ve created just for you, The Christian Author’s Plan Book.  This planner

124: Build Your Platform

Show Notes: Listen to today’s episode to get a fresh mindset change on ways to build your platform.   It’s time you embrace this side of being a Christian coach, speaker or influencer and share the message in your heart, on purpose. In this episode I’m explaining the four reasons you

122: Smile On Purpose

Show Notes: Today’s episode introduces a concept I heard over a year ago and have thought about every day since: smile on purpose.  I mentioned smiling on purpose because I think it's a practical tip for writers, one that is often overlooked. In this episode I’m going to explain what

120: Create a Bible-Reading Habit

Show Notes: Are there times when you feel like what you’re creating isn’t having the impact you desired? When you are making a project that you think many, many people will be happy to receive and you launch it to crickets? If that's you, I know exactly how it feels.