The Joyful DVM Podcast – Encouraging and Empowering Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Teams to create Joyful Lives & Balanced Veterinary Careers

Dr. Cari Wise, Veterinarian, Certified Life Coach

Looking for a fresh perspective on how to create your best life as a veterinary professional? That’s exactly what you’ll get in each episode of The Joyful DVM Podcast with veterinarian and certified life coach, Dr. Cari Wise. Each week Cari blows up the traditional, disempowered, hopeless perspective many veterinary healthcare workers share, and offers inspiring stories, encouragement, and life-altering concepts to help you take control of your own life and create a joyful life and balanced veterinary career that works for you.

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Vet Med Pep Talk: Cari's Power 12 Truths

In this episode I had one goal… to create a list of the most important perspectives to keep in mind as you navigate your career as a veterinary professional. Truth is, these perspectives are also helpful in your entire life. See, our experiences often cloud our perception of reality… and

How To Have A Great Day In Vet Med

Having a great day in vet med does not require smooth sailing. It doesn't require clients to be nice, or coworkers to be productive. It doesn't even require you to get your lunch, or leave on time.  What keeps most of us from experiencing a great day is the focus

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

Are you ready to change your life?  Your instinct is to answer yes… but you may be lying to yourself. Your actions and beliefs probably tell a different story. There are three questions that will help you determine if you are really ready to experience your life in a different

The Big Shift- Are You Blocking Your Potential?

How are you talking about the dreams you have for yourself and your future? Do they live in phrases such as "Some day I will….""I wish I could…""When I …, then I will…" Are you waiting on permission to move forward? Are you judging yourself when you recognize discontent? Many of

Is It Useful?

What are you spinning about?  Where does your mind land when you're not busy with work or other life activities?  What happens in the silence?  Most of us have a group of worries and scenarios that play constantly in the background. When we have down time, they become front and

How You Can Predict Your Future

Do you know that you can predict your future? You've been doing it, even if you haven't been aware. This is actually good news, because when you learn how it works, you can begin leveraging your ability to create what you want. There are three things that block your ability

Negativity in Vet Med (and how to change it)

In this episode I explore Negativity in Veterinary Medicine, and share three components required to eliminate it from our organizations and our personal experiences, once and for all.  RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODEStrategic Strategic Life & Job Analysis Workshop Vet Life Academy CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: Facebook: Website:

Imposter Syndrome: Fact or Fiction

Imposter Syndrome is a common topic in our profession… one that is creating disastrous consequences in our lives. In today's episode, I share once again about imposter syndrome and explore Five Key Points: Imposter Syndrome defined The reason for the label The little known truth about this "diagnosis" The compounding

The Key To Freedom (in Vet Med and Life)

In this episode I share the Key To Freedom, and explain how most of us are going about it all wrong… and creating unnecessary suffering for ourselves in the process. Many of us dream of experiencing more freedom in our lives and we work really hard to create or obtain

Chasing Peace

If you're having a hard time experiencing anything other than stress and anxiety in your life and Vet Med career, this episode is for you! Inside I describe why so many veterinary professionals go from confidently pursuing their calling to regretting their career choice once they get out into the