The Joyful DVM Podcast – Encouraging and Empowering Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Teams to create Joyful Lives & Balanced Veterinary Careers

Dr. Cari Wise, Veterinarian, Certified Life Coach

Looking for a fresh perspective on how to create your best life as a veterinary professional? That’s exactly what you’ll get in each episode of The Joyful DVM Podcast with veterinarian and certified life coach, Dr. Cari Wise. Each week Cari blows up the traditional, disempowered, hopeless perspective many veterinary healthcare workers share, and offers inspiring stories, encouragement, and life-altering concepts to help you take control of your own life and create a joyful life and balanced veterinary career that works for you.

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The Upside of Imposter Syndrome

In this episode I take a look at the UP SIDE of Imposter Syndrome in VetMed. Imposter Syndrome is really a state of believing that you’re a fraud and that your accomplishments were more likely accidental than the intentional result of your performance.  I dig deep into the phenomenon, and

Your Life Journey: Let It Be Messy

When we try to do everything perfectly, or perfectly planned, we waste a ton of time. What we are really doing is attempting to avoid discomfort and fear. Meanwhile, during the process, we're experiencing discomfort anyway. In this episode I share my journey through decisions, and execution of those decisions,

Faulty Conclusions that Limit Our Lives

We view our lives and the world through a perspective we didn't intentionally choose for ourselves. We naturally adopt the belief systems shared by those in our lives who hold influence… parents, family, friends, clergy, teachers, etc.  We then naturally compare ourselves and evaluate our lives through that perspective.  This

Spiritual Curiosity & Religion Resistance

Are you spiritually curious but hesitant when it comes to traditional religion?  Or maybe you're very grounded in your traditional religious practices, but wondering about the stuff that never gets covered…  I can totally relate. It's a strange situation to navigate.  So many rules. Such high stakes. Overwhelming. Scary.  It's

Synchronicities and Patterns We Miss

What might you be missing? The world around us is designed to keep us very busy. When we are busy, we live in a constant state of distraction… losing focus on what is right in front of us. This lack of presence in our daily lives not only robs us

Judgement vs. Evaluation at Work and in Life

Do you view others through the lens of judgment or evaluation? There is a significant difference. Evaluation keeps us as a neutral party. It allows us to find opportunities for improvement without making it personal. It lets us be curious, and drops the need to force change. Judgment makes us

What I learned from a new bird…

How often do you pay attention to what's right in front of you? For most of us, when we are in our comfort zone, we tune out. We stop noticing things in our environment… even when things change. We stay nestled in the safety of the familiar, numbing our senses

The Negative Impact of New Years Resolutions

Do New Years Resolutions really help you make progress toward your goals?  I don't think so.  I believe they actually create the totally opposite effect by piling on pressure, judgement, shame and guilt.  It's not wonder they don't last for most people! In this episode I share what's actually happening

The Compound Effect of Bad Days

Bad days don't just happen to us. We are involved in their creation whether we know it or not.  A string of bad days has a real impact on our wellbeing… and our future.  "Getting through" the hard stuff is a great skill, but not if it becomes your normal

Grief and Growth

When we experience loss; whether it be a loved one, a pet, a relationship, a job, or anything else, grief follows.  If we allow the grief to consume us, we don't move forward. If we don't move forward, we disengage from our lives and we lose connection with ourselves. The