The Introverted Executive

Tami North

The Introverted Executive Podcast is focused on helping Introverted women working within large organizations, rise to senior leadership – WITHOUT networking. If you are tired of feeling overlooked and underestimated while you make it all happen behind the scenes, this is the podcast for you!

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29. The Whip and the Carrot

To book a Dance Strategy Call, go here. To watch a training video: The 2 step Process to Start Competing Better, go here. When we want to motivate ourselves to do better, how do we do that exactly? Most people I talk to use a “whip”. They try to be

28. Your Two Brains

The key to managing your mind might just be found in this concept: you kind of have two brains.  You have a primitive lower brain that is responsible for your survival, and a higher prefrontal cortex that’s responsible for planning, organizing and higher levels of cognition. You need both of

27. Your Future Self

How do you become a different version of yourself? How do you actually change? This episode is the third in a series about that very subject. In episode 24 we learned how to identify our patterns that might not be serving us. Episode 25 talked about how to interrupt that

26. The Reality of Talent

There will always be people who are better than you. They are more talented, they learn faster, they seemingly succeed more than you and everybody else. Our brain thinks this a problem. But it’s a problem you can’t solve. You can’t make it so there is never anyone better than

25. Interrupt Yourself

To learn more about how to get more help, click here The greatest tool in your arsenal for personal change is “the pause.” When you interrupt an old pattern and pause, you give yourself a chance to make a different choice. In this episode, we follow up from the previous

24. How to Hack Yourself–The Model

To learn more about how to work together privately, click here. To hack yourself and become the person that you want to become, you need to do three things. First, learn your current patterns for how you show up in the world.  Second, you interrupt the old patterns Lastly, you

What’s Your Humble Quest?

Is there any chance that being “humble” is holding you back?  Make no mistakes, I want you to remain humble and authentic to who you are meant to be.  The thing is, that the way YOU define “humble” might be creatling a glass celing. This is a glass celing of

23. Mindset Basics: You are the Creator of your Experience

This is the first in a series of mindset basics that apply to everyone. The first concept/tool I want to offer is that what you think isn’t true. We all think that our thoughts are just true. But they are not inherently true. Two people can experience the same facts

22. You are Exceptional

It’s time to just speak some truth into you. So many dancers get so hard on themselves and start to forget just how amazing they are. So in this episode I just want to cheerlead you for a minute. It’s short and sweet but I want to show you just

21. What to do with Interference

In this follow up podcast episode to #16 Interference, we discuss what to do about the interference you experience in your dancing.  In episode 16 we introduced being aware of what interference are a problem for you, how they affect your life and how you show up, and began dis-identifying,