The Intentional House Podcast

Carly Thornock

The official Intentional House Podcast where we drool over helping families design and maximize their homes to be wonder-filled connection magnets! The intentional magic all emerges from a fun combo of research gems and easy application to inspire you in creating your meaningful, grounded, functional, personal, AND beautiful house design.

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BH S1E10 – Capturing the Sacred Mundane with Kyleigh Milburn

Kyleigh’s bio Hi! I’m self taught on film and dslr and love storytelling through my lens. I’m adventurous, a lover of coffee & plants, and I’m always jamming to music. Being a mom of two little girls, photography is more than job for me, it’s freezing those once in a

BH S1E9 – The Home Matchmakers with Kim Chatterton

Kim Chatterton has been selling homes since December of 2007. Kim announced her partnership with Coldwell Banker in December of 2016. She previously worked as a Real Estate Professional with Berkshire Hathaway. Kim has assisted hundreds of buyers, sellers, investors, and builders across the state of Utah in successfully reaching

BH S1E8 – Sweeping the Floors of the Temple with Sean Tebor

Sean Tebor is a passionate guide in the arts and sciences of conscious embodiment and integrated awareness. Drawing on over 38 years in an ever-evolving journey, his alchemy and integration of functional movement, energy and breath awareness, locomotion, strength, mobility, and gut integrity help practitioners develop profound tools for deepest

BH S1E7 – The Teaching Opportunities of Home Creation with Wanda Howard

Wanda returns to the podcast to discuss home design as a teaching opportunity! “How do you raise emotionally healthy and confident kids?” That was the question that filled Wanda’s mind. Knowing she wanted to parent differently, she started doing everything the parenting experts said to do BUT it only added

BH S1E6 – Listening to Your Body to Create

This week Carly is joined by husband of the podcast Chase! They take you through the first steps of learning to reconnect with you body, and to align your feelings with your thoughts!

BH S1E5 – The Power of Music in the Home with Joseph Hoffman

When Joseph Hoffman, started teaching piano, he tried various methods. None of them provided the kind of complete musical training he wanted his students to have. Some methods emphasized note reading and others mostly focused on playing “by ear.” None of them seemed to have it all. So, he created

BH S1E4 – Simple and Meaningful Art with Tyler Swain

From a very young age, Tyler has been interested in creating things. At the age of eight his parents enrolled him in private art lessons where he learned the fundamentals of drawing and design. Years later he pursued art at the college level, first at Snow College where he received

BH S1E3 – What’s Possible with Lisa Haynie

As we continue on our season 1 journey – Sanctifying the Homebuilding Process – we are joined by the delightful Lisa Haynie! Lisa is a client who takes you through her experience working with Carly on the Intentional House cycle, and how it helped her and her family use their

BH S1E2 – The Sacred Mundane with Sara Yamtich

Sara Yamtich is the founder and CEO of Conscious Conversion (formerly Resonate with Sara), a holistic multi-media marketing agency supporting soulful thought leaders and spiritual entrepreneurs. With a Masters in Social Work, a background that spans federal policy analysis and life coaching, and a ton of digital marketing experience, Sara