The Intentional House Podcast

Carly Thornock

The official Intentional House Podcast where we drool over helping families design and maximize their homes to be wonder-filled connection magnets! The intentional magic all emerges from a fun combo of research gems and easy application to inspire you in creating your meaningful, grounded, functional, personal, AND beautiful house design.

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BH 83 – Redefining Family Traditions with Wanda Howard

This week we are thrilled to be joined by family-coaching wizard Wanda Howard! Wanda takes us through her short list of parenting pitfalls, and how we can learn to make choices together as a family that actually make us happier! Find Wanda — Send in a voice message:

BH 81 – Taking Health and Happiness Cues from Nature with Sarah Vezzani

Sarah is a Mother of 3, a Chemical Engineer, Homesteader, Permaculture Designer, and a Nutritional Herbalist. In her 20s, chronic pain and dis-ease started her search outside the conventional medical system. Just as she was making these changes, she was T-boned at 60mph and developed intense chronic invisible pain. No

BH 80 – 4D Home Design Part 2

This week we tackle the next handful of the 10 Intentional Questions. These questions all revolve around the second pillar of 4D Home Design – Simplicity.  — Send in a voice message:

BH 77 – Ruby and Wishes

Learn to harness the power of wishes, and surround yourself with people who dream as big as you do! Achieve your family goals by becoming a DIvine Desirer. Ruby and the Well — Send in a voice message:

BH 75 – Peanut Butter Kiss

What does it mean to be our best self? Is it the same thing as being our most perfect self? This week we lean into the mess and unpack our perfectionism.  — Send in a voice message:

BH 74 – Manual Shattering

How do we even start reprogramming our hearts for abundance so that our relationships and houses reflect flow back to us? How do we see the things around us, good and bad, as the waves we surf to heal and connect? It all starts with dismantling the rules of the