The Inherent Identity Podcast

Tyson Bradley

Do you want to succeed in every area of your life? Do you want to have a more meaningful life? Are other methods of change not working? If so, you have found the perfect podcast. Listen in on this combination of spiritual wisdom, brain science, and identity hacking. When you apply what you learn from this podcast, you will be able to change quickly and make that change last.

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FREE Masterclass: The 3 Steps To Permanent Weight Loss In Menopause

Hello, my dear friends all over the world! I have another bonus for you. I want to entice you with taking a free masterclass with me.  And I’m calling it “Three Steps To Permanent Weight Loss In Menopause.” If you were not able to join the boot camp with me,

Ep 340: Food Journaling + The Physical Hunger Scale

The concept of “eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full” is something that a lot of people who speak to me or listen to me find incredibly interesting. That is basically what I teach about food journaling – to eat everything you want that your body requires and

Questioning the Science That Keeps You Stuck | Interview with Matt Ubell

Matt Ubell is an Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor. He gets patients who struggle with allergies coming into his office every day, but the solutions that most doctors give to address these challenges don’t really help them. Through his own personal journey with allergies, Dr. Matt Uball shares how he

Introducing: Thinner Confidence

Hello, my dear friends all over the world! I’ve got something really big planned for next week, a week-long boot camp called “Thinner Confidence”. I am going to teach and train you how to start my thinner peace process using my number one tool. We will be together for one

The Three Pillars Of Identity Creation | Interview with Tonya Leigh

Tonya Leigh is founder of The School of Self Image. Her story communicates the powerful lesson that one shift in identity can lead to a completely different life. She shares three pillars that are foundational in creating identity change. It’s not just mindset, you must consider how changing your environment

Ep 338: Morning Routine: Preparing Your Mind for the Day

If you’re wanting to feel different as you start your day, what we’ll discuss today is something that you might want to try. In this episode, I’ll share my morning routine and how I mentally prepare for the day ahead. When you have established routines, there is no need to

What if Values Come Before Identity? | Interview with Ben Pugh

In this interview with life coach Ben Pugh, we explore how values guide everything we do. Most people don’t understand their values or how to use what they value to guide their daily decisions. This interview is powerful and it will change how you look at values forever. Check out

Ep 337:Stop Blaming Your Mother and Start Losing Weight

Our experiences of trauma and pain do not usually come from strangers. We usually get them from people we love and are close to us like our parents. In this episode, I’d like to specifically talk about our mothers or the mother figures in our lives.   Get the full