The Infinite Capacity Podcast

Andrea Morton

Andrea Morton of Think To Thrive Coaching explores how midlife mothers can harness their own mindsets, passions and strengths to become the very best version of themselves possible. This podcast includes interviews, skills & tools listeners can use to improve their relationships & quality of life immediately… inspiring moms to dig deeper and discover their own INFINITE CAPACITY for success and fulfillment. An experienced confidence and wellness coach certified by world renowned The Life Coach School, Andrea specializes in helping midlife moms develop powerful mindsets and routines, prioritize themselves, set healthy boundaries and action their unique wellness, relationship & career goals!

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Having A Healthy Relationship With Failure

What is your relationship like with failure?  Do you consider yourself to be a risk taker?  Or are you someone who likes to play it safe and stick to what you know?  When things don't work out… what do you make it mean?   Do you tend to keep going,

Nourishing Your Family and Your Brain, Featuring Ruth Templeton

In this first episode of Season 3 of The Infinite Capacity Podcast host Andrea Morton interviews Ruth Templeton, a Masters Graduate from the Centre for Nutrition, Education and Lifestyle Management in the UK. As a mother and practitioner at Dinutrigen, Ruth strongly believes that knowing how we are made genetically

Growth And Grace For Every Woman Through Coaching

Have you ever wanted to feel more in control of your own life, rather than at the mercy of its highs and lows?   Are you the type of woman who works on personal growth to stretch yourself to see what you are capable of?  Do you have hopes and

How To Coach Yourself Through A Crummy Day

Podcast host and life coach Andrea Morton knows what it's like to have bad days as a Mom… not only is she a mom of 3 herself, but she also spends a big part of each week working with overwhelmed, stressed mamas in midlife to help them find real balance

Living and Thriving as a Highly Sensitive, Emotional Mom

In her groundbreaking book "The Highly Sensitive Person", Psychotherapist Elaine N. Aron, PhD writes, "Most people walk into a room and perhaps notice the furniture, the people… (but) Highly Sensitive Persons can be instantly aware, whether they wish to be or not, of the mood, the friendships and enmities, the

Making Friends In Midlife

You can never have too many friends, and there are countless reasons why any person might need to make new friends in midlife… for example, due to a household move, changes in your marital situation, losing interest in things you used to enjoy doing, your teens going off to college,

Getting Unstuck: Thinking Outside of the Box in Midlife

A lot of women (including mothers) between the ages of 35 and 55 seek life coaching because they feel stuck in a life that they don't feel very connected to and don't particularly like.  They feel trapped but unsure of what is wrong or how to proceed forward in their

Secrets Of A Lasting Love, Featuring Erin Powell

Today's episode of The Infinite Capacity Podcast features host Andrea Morton interviewing Erin Powell about the secrets of a happy, healthy marriage and long-term love. In addition to her many accomplishments as Chief Operating Officer of the Powell Financial Group and a lengthy and rewarding career in education as a