The Grumpy Girlfriend Podcast

Katrin Berndt

Here’s what I know about you: You’re in a good relationship with a partner that you love, yet you spend most of your time feeling grumpy, frustrated, and out of control of your emotions. You overthink everything and always imagine the worst-case scenario. This leads to you bottling up your emotions in an attempt to make them go away, resulting in an explosion, completely disproportionate to the problem at hand. Welcome to The Grumpy Girlfriend Podcast. Here, we will cover everything you need to know in order to access that fun, care-free, and independent version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be. Hosted by Katrin Berndt, LCS Certified Life Coach.

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87. Your Partner's Only Job

What's your partner's job in your relationship? Is it to make you feel good? Keep you safe? Share all the daily chores? When we have a long job description for our partners, it makes it difficult for them to do everything right and thus making it difficult for us to

86. When You Want Your Partner to WANT to Do The Thing

Are there things in your relationship you want your partner to want to do, but they're just not that into it? Maybe they are happy to do it just to make you happy, but that's not what you want. Ugh, so frustrating. In this week's episode, I break down the

85. "I Have No Reason to Feel This Way"

"I have no reason to feel this way" is one of the most common sentences I hear from grumpy girlfriends all the time. We look at our partners and how they act and compare those circumstances to our thoughts and feelings… and get an error message. It just doesn't add

84. 3 Choices Girlfriends Need to Make to Be Happy

What if we could boil down girlfriend happiness to three key choices you need to make on a daily basis? That's what I did in this week's episode. If you make these choices consistently and you practice genuinely believing in them, you will be able to finally enjoy your good

83. How to Stop Obsessing Over Your Partner’s Ex

Are you struggling to let go of and move on from your partner's ex? You're not alone. The ex-issue is an extremely common source of grumpiness for a lot of girlfriends and in today's episode, I'll break it down for you. You might think that your unique ex-cocktail of information

81. Toxic Relationship Advice You Shouldn’t Listen To

Social media is full of shitty relationship advice that usually just perpetuates the anxiety, jealousy, insecurity, and confusion that grumpy girlfriends struggle with. When you're not 100% happy in your relationship, most advice is simply to "dump them", but for those of us who realize that we are the cause of

80. Are You Blaming Your Partner for Your Boring Life?

Do you easily get resentful or upset when your partner is spending time with friends or on hobbies they enjoy? Do you feel lonely and attribute that to your partner not spending enough time with you? Then you might be guilty of blaming your partner for your boring, unfulfilling life.

78. Your Capacity to Have 2.0: Jealousy Edition

It's time to revisit the topic from episode 12, which is your capacity to have. This time I want to talk about it from a jealousy perspective and how our limited capacity to have actually increases our jealousy and makes it a lot harder to overcome it. If you've ever