The Good Mom Podcast

Jodi Schilling

Every mom wants to be a good mom but how many times a day do we question this?! We have been conditioned to believe that there are rules for being a good mom but I say your definition is the only one that matters. As a mom with four kids with neurodiversity and a background in education, I believe every child has gifts and talents of genius. I also see life’s unexpected trials as chances for us to grow in our strength, love, and connection as a family. Escape from your “bad mom” soundtrack each week to listen in for inspiration on all the mom things, whether neurodiversity is in your family or not. Get the go ahead to have way more fun without guilt, hear new perspectives on old problems, and finally feel like you know what you’re doing as a mom.

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Coaching vs. Therapy and Why Moms Like Us Benefit from Both

I'm clearing up the differences between traditional counseling or therapy and certified life coaching by sharing with you the times in my life when I have utilized both for different purposes. I also share a recent realizaton I have had with current and former clients about the best format for

How Being Forced to Rest Can Be a Wonderful Gift

Despite my best efforts to avoid it, I became ill with Covid last week after traveling. I don't know of it was the high fever or just being forced to rest (because my body refused everything except that) but I had some realizations and revelations that really helped me get

Real Talk: Managing Fear, Failure, and Menopause

After a 2-week break from recording my podcast I am sharing with you my personal struggle with managing my fear around not recognizing myself and my decision to do some inner work on that, my perception of failure and the story I decided to change about that, and the way

My Top 3 Mistakes as a Mom

Reflecting this week on mistakes I made and sometimes still make. I used to think these were about being a mom. I used to connect these to my mom identity by making them mean something about that aspect of me, but I have a new awareness now that these are

What to Say and What NOT to Say to Your LGBTQ+ Kids

For Pride Month, I want to talk openly about what I've learned as a proud mom of a child in the LGBTQ+ community. First of all, I am learning as I go. I have made some mistakes and caught myself acting from unconscious bias, lack of awareness, fear, and insensitivity,

Perspective on Being the Youngest: Comparison, Checking In & Identity

In this episode my third daughter joins the podcast to talk about her perspective growing up as the youngest in our family.  She shares a topic that has recently come up for her with her therapist around the topic of comparison, and some of the advantages and disadvantages of being

How to Handle People Who Don't Get It

There is a strategy I apply that helps me avoid frustration with people who don't understand neurodiversity or behavior challenges and don't seem to be interested in learning more.  In this short episode I share my approach  in detrmining who will benefit from educating when building a support team around

Mothers' Day 2.0: Being Gracious in Receiving Mode

If you are not feeling awesome about Mother's Day either before, during or after, this episode will help you reflect and possibly shift perspective, if that's what you want. The concept of being ready to be in "receiving mode" is shared, along with a way to get curious and honest