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Crystal the Parenting Coach

Become the mother you’ve always wanted to be. Parenting mixed with Life Coaching tools and a focus on connection creates change in even the most difficult relationships. Join the radical shift from mainstream ideas on parenting philosophies and learn to step into your own inner power.

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S05|11 – Dealing with Teens with Elise Knox

Elise is a life and wellness coach, yoga teacher, and former middle school teacher who works with moms and teens. She is fascinated by brain development and the nervous system and believes that understanding these two things can make teen years so much easier for mamas and teens. What you’ll

S05|10 – Strengthening Your Partner Relationship with Jaime Morgan

Jaime Morgan is a certified life coach and a Gottman Method trained relationship coach. Combining her academic & past personal experiences of her own struggles of failed marriage, Jaime has a huge passion for helping unfulfilled and divorced women thrive in their lives & relationships again through action-oriented coaching. Jaime

S05|09 – Living into Your Human Design with Lauren Cash

Lauren Cash is a Master Certified Coach who specializes in time and energy management. She particularly loves helping client-based digital business owners work less than 22 hours a week while not sacrificing their income desires, by aligning with their Human Design. In our conversation you’ll hear: Lauren’s fascinating transition from

S05|08 – The Missing KEY to Habit Change with Tyson Bradley

Tyson Bradley is the host of the Inherent Identity Podcast and the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of the book Discover Your Inherent Identity: A Simple And Effective Way To Create Change And Make It Last. He is happily married and the proud father of 2 redheaded girls (and soon

S05|07 – Priorities and Productivity with Ceri Payne

Ceri Payne is a certified life coach from The Life Coach School. She created her six-figure coaching practice while parenting three teenagers, teaching special education full-time, supporting her husband in his demanding career, and serving as the President of her Church’s Women’s Organization.   Ceri helps women (many who have ADHD)

S05|06 – Triggers and Inner Healing

“Pay close attention to whatever triggers a reaction from you- your triggers reveal the spots where an ancient pain is still buried” – @meditationandloveco. Connection-based parenting comes intuitively and naturally from a healed space. As we dig into what our triggers are and why we have them- our healing can

S05|05 – Minimalism: 3 Tips from my Marie Kondo Journey

A decluttered space can declutter the mind… and vice versa. That is where I found myself 6 years ago… deep in the throes of parenting, late nights, diapers and laundry. I felt like I spent most of my time cleaning, doing laundry or nagging my kids to get their own

S05|04 – Integration, Client Journey with Maryann

On this episode I introduce you to my client Maryann and her story… mom of 4 (and a half), one with ASD, and new to being a stay-at-home-mom. She was looking for changes in her parenting and had just stumbled across conscious parenting before we found each other on Instagram.

S05|03 – How to Help Your Child Regulate

It can be challenging to keep our cool when our children lose theirs. We may shut down, withdraw, or react, when what we really desire to do is teach and model. Tune in today as we talk about the gift of co-regulation that we can give to our children, and

S05|02 – 5 Quick Strategies for Simple Peaceful Parenting

Peaceful parenting brings joy, connection and harmony to our family relationships…. But it can also seem daunting, if we weren’t modeled how to parent in this way. There are a few key external and internal issues that can get in the way of peaceful parenting. Tune in to listen to