The Expat Mom Podcast

Jennie Linton

This is a podcast for expat moms who want to improve their emotional health as they navigate the unique challenges of living and mothering abroad. Each episode shares one tool, idea or perspective shift you can apply immediately to your life and your family. I’m a certified life coach, an expat mom of 4 daughters, and married to a US diplomat. I’ve been abroad many of the last 20 years; I’ve lived on four continents, and in six different countries. I know what it’s like to be stuck emotionally and I know how to get unstuck. This podcast will show you how. You can connect with me at my website, Instagram @theexpatmomcoach, Facebook @theexpatmomcoach, or Schedule a free, 30-min. mini-coaching session

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Household Helpers Abroad: The Amazing, The Hard, & Navigating It All

One of the blessings of living in a developing country as an expat, can be having a household helper.   It can be a wonderful way to learn about the host culture, and language, as well as have assistance figuring out new things like bleaching fruits and veggies, figuring out

Emotions Are Contagious

Has someone in your family ever gotten a cold?  Within a few days, everyone in the family has one?   Just like germs are contagious, so are emotions.  Obviously, we don't pass microparticles to each other like bacteria, but we do have biological structures that cause us to mirror emotions

How to Stop Ruminating

Cows spend 7-8 hours a day chewing, swallowing, regurgitating, re-chewing, and re-swallowing their food.  That's a lot of time!  Humans spend a lot of time ruminating as well.  Rather than ruminating on food, they ruminate on thoughts:  they love to chew on thoughts over and over again, swallow them, regurgitate

Weaknesses are Just Strengths Overused

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the very things you love about someone are also sometimes the things that drive you crazy?  Often our strengths and our weaknesses are two sides of the same continuum.  We're constantly late but it's because we're optimistic about how much we can get done. 

Solving for Mental Load (Without Sabotaging Your Marriage)

Do you ever feel like you have a CNN line ticker constantly moving across the bottom of your brain listing all the things you have to keep track of from whether you've run out of toilet paper, to order the soccer uniform, to making dinner, to exercising etc.?  This is

Gratitude & The Law of The Harvest

In gardening and agriculture, it's clear that you'll reap what you sew.  If you plant corn, you won't reap wheat.   The law of the harvest is also true in our emotional health.  However, sometimes it is less obvious.  Gratitude is one type of seed we can plan that can help

Midlife Transition #2 Mindset Mistakes & Midlife Crisis

When we reach midlife, it is often accompanied by a variety of changes.  Those changes can often trigger a midlife crisis.  The way we think about and respond to that experience to make a tremendous different in how we navigate a midlife crisis.  It can make the difference of suffering