The Expat Mom Podcast

Jennie Linton

This is a podcast for expat moms who want to improve their emotional health as they navigate the unique challenges of living and mothering abroad. Each episode shares one tool, idea or perspective shift you can apply immediately to your life and your family. I’m a certified life coach, an expat mom of 4 daughters, and married to a US diplomat. I’ve been abroad many of the last 20 years; I’ve lived on four continents, and in six different countries. I know what it’s like to be stuck emotionally and I know how to get unstuck. This podcast will show you how. You can connect with me at my website, Instagram @theexpatmomcoach, Facebook @theexpatmomcoach, or Schedule a free, 30-min. mini-coaching session

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Gratitude & The Law of The Harvest

In gardening and agriculture, it's clear that you'll reap what you sew.  If you plant corn, you won't reap wheat.   The law of the harvest is also true in our emotional health.  However, sometimes it is less obvious.  Gratitude is one type of seed we can plan that can help

Midlife Transition #2 Mindset Mistakes & Midlife Crisis

When we reach midlife, it is often accompanied by a variety of changes.  Those changes can often trigger a midlife crisis.  The way we think about and respond to that experience to make a tremendous different in how we navigate a midlife crisis.  It can make the difference of suffering

Midlife Transition #1: Am I Having a Midlife Crisis?

One of the questions I get frequently is, “Am I having a mid-life crisis?”  The way a mid-life crisis is portrayed in the media often does us a disfavor.  We assume it looks like buying a Porche or quitting your job to travel the world alone.  The truth is that

2nd Podcastiversary: How I Got From There…To Here

Do you ever look at other people and wonder how they got where they are now?  On this episode, I'm excited to share a little of my journey starting out as an expat mom as I and my kids struggled with the challenges of expat life.   I share some

ENCORE EPISODE: How to Teach Kids to Resolve Sibling Conflicts

Sibling conflicts are important.  They provide the exact experience kids need to learn how to communicate with others and how to resolve problems–two essential skills in adulthood.  However, kids need some guidance about how to resolve differences.  As parents that is our job.  The podcast covers some tools that can

ENCORE EPISODE: Why Sibling Fighting Might Be Useful

At the end of the summer, after kids have spent a lot of time together, it seems like siblings tend to fight more.   This can really grate on parents' nerves, and it can be frustrating to try lots of things and still have the fighting continue.  I have great

ENCORE EPISODE: How to Enjoy Traveling with Kids

Lots of families love to travel in the summertime.  Travel with families can be incredible or miserable, and most often it is both… In this episode, I discuss some simple tools for enjoying travel with kids.  Free Coaching SessionSign-up for a free coaching session.Schedule One-Minute WisdomEach week I carefully craft