The Doctor’s Wife

Sara Payne

The podcast for women who are married to physicians. If you ever look around at your post-medical training life and think, “I did all that for this?!” then you are not alone. And this podcast is a resources specifically for you. Join host Sara Payne–life coach, educator, doctor’s wife, and mother of 4– as she teaches you proven systems that will help you drop the scorecard in your marriage, create more connection in all your relationships, and come out of the shadow of your husband’s career. You can have your turn, too. This podcast will show you how. Find more free resources at and @sarapaynecoaching on Instagram and Facebook.

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Episode 230: The Swing of Negative Emotions

If you ever feel like you swing from one negative emotion to another, the concept I teach you today will help ground you so you can get off that swing and feel more centered and calm.

74. A Conversation with Wendy Sterling

In this episode, Mikki talks with Wendy Sterling about how to REHAB yourself from divorce and create a beautiful life. Wendy walks through the 5 steps she lays out in her new book to move from fear to love. Wendy is a beautiful example of hope, possibility and change. Wendy

Episode 229: Conscious Eating with Robyn Mons

I am excited to welcome Robyn Mons back to the podcast this week. This time, we’re going to be discussing conscious eating and how it is so much easier than following a set of rules or a plan that someone gives you. We are also going to talk about how

73. Did You Enter the Co-Parenting Complain-A-Thon?

Co-Parenting isn’t easy … it often can feel like a full contact sport when the conflict kicks in. To co-parent well it requires training, agility, dedication and perseverance. In this episode, Mikki talks about what you are training for … the co-parenting long game? Or have you found yourself signed

72. The “F” Word

Do you want to feel more at peace, more content, more capable as a co-parent? Well, you absolutely can, and those feelings are often all found on the other side of forgiveness. In this episode, Mikki talks about what forgiveness actually is, how it holds you back from co-parenting well

71. An Interview with Amelia Kennedy

On this episode Mikki talks to Amelia Kennedy. Amelia Pleasant Kennedy is a Certified Life Coach, Professional Organizer, and Fair Play Facilitator. Mikki and Amelia explore ways to lighten your physical, mental and emotional load to make co-parenting more streamlined and to make you a stronger more confident co-parent. Amelia

70. Problem vs Solution Mindset

How much time do you spend talking about the problems you have in co-parenting? Worrying about it? Thinking about it? Trying to do things to change it? I’m guessing it’s A LOT of time, so if you find yourself here, then today is your episode because we are going to

69. Mise en Place – Whatever That Means

Most of the time we have the intention to be a cooperative co-parent, a good mom, to get it all done with a smile on our face — but intention isn’t enough. In this episode, Mikki talks about setting yourself up with everything you need in order to be the