The Diabetes Revolution Podcast


Type 2 Diabetes sucks. Especially when it’s a struggle, and it’s running (and ruining) your life. Dr. Sarah Townley, The Type 2 Diabetes Coach, created this podcast to inspire and empower people with Type 2 Diabetes to heal their bodies by addressing the root cause. This means working WITH your body instead of fighting with it. It also means cultivating a mindset that solves quitting, self-sabotage, and overeating. Type 2 Diabetes can be controlled and even reversed with lifestyle alone. This podcast answers all the questions you didn’t get answered in the doctor’s office so that you can stop depending on other people to feel better. You can feel better right now.

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What Kind Of Sugar Is Best For My Diabetes?

The term "sugar" isn't as straightforward as it sounds.  There are many different types of sugar, from table sugar to the sugar found in fruit and even in dairy. Is it all bad for us?  Is there a certain kind that is better than others? In this episode, I break

When You And Your Doctor Don't Agree

What do you do when you don't want to take more and more medications?  How do you navigate decisions when you and your doctor have different goals for your healthcare? What do you do when your doctor seems judgmental of your decisions?  How about when they tell you that you

Doing It Perfectly Is NOT Required For Success

Do you like to do things perfectly?  What happens when you don't? In this episode, I show you how perfectionist thinking leads to getting stuck, procrastinating, and even self-sabotage.  Why do we do this?  Let me explain why being "perfect" is so important to us. And, of course, I teach

Are Blood Sugar Spikes Damaging My Body?

You may have heard that blood sugars spikes after meals wreak havoc on your body, doing untold damage.  Seeing your blood sugar rise 40+ points after eating feels terrifying when you believe this. But is it true? Today, I describe what a blood sugar spike is and then look to

Inflammation and Insulin Resistance Explained

Everyone who has insulin resistance has some level of inflammation in the body.  Chronic inflammation drives insulin resistance and weight gain.  Wouldn't it be important to know how to recognize it and identify what is causing it?  That's what we get into in this episode.  And of course, we don't

How To Get Back On Track Now

We've all been there: we were doing so well until we fell off the wagon, and we can't seem to get back on. We feel so stuck.  We keep making poor choices and are lost at how to pull it together.   This episode is for you.  This one skill

Your Body Is Not Your Enemy

Who hasn't felt like they are fighting with their body at times?  This can be the daily experience for someone with Type 2 diabetes.  Blood sugar roller coasters and the symptoms that come with them make living with diabetes a nightmare. This podcast explores why believing your body is broken

How To Deal With Feeling Restricted And Deprived

Every one of us who is trying to lose weight or stop overeating salty and sugary foods knows darn well what restriction and deprivation are. We have had those moments where everyone else is enjoying something we know we will regret eating if we indulge.  And it's typical to experience

Do Plant Based Diets Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

There is a hot debate out there about what causes insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes:Is it dietary fat or is it sugar and starches? I've been immersing myself in the world of whole-food-plant-based diets for reversing Type 2 diabetes.  This is essentially the OPPOSITE of what I traditionally teach. 

Why Blaming Yourself For Your Diabetes Keeps You Stuck

How many times have you told yourself that you "did this to yourself?"  It's common for people with Type 2 diabetes to blame and shame themselves for having this problem.  All my clients have some amount of this going on, and I've been here myself. This kind of thinking keeps