The Codependent Millennial Podcast

Sophie Shiloh

Sophie helps you heal from codependency by delving into the most important issues that contribute to it, like people-pleasing, emotional childhood, insecurity, enmeshment, resentment, and so much more. By listening to this podcast and implementing what Sophie teaches, you WILL create a life that you truly love, even if you don’t yet believe that’s possible. Enjoy!

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Stop Self-Sacrificing & Calling It LOVE

Love does NOT have to be ABOUT PAIN AND SUFFERING. You don’t deserve to suffer & self-sacrifice in your relationships. It’s that simple. If this confuses you & if you need some CLEAR, practical instructions about how to make your relationships and your life less painful, this episode (and this

The Truth About How To Really Process Emotions

Why do we put ourselves through so much pain and suffering all in an attempt to simply avoid feeling a painful emotion? Think about it:  How much BS have you put yourself through because you were trying to avoid that nagging sense of shame, or that crushing feeling of loneliness,

Come on a walk with me (summer rain in the forest & a few thoughts)

Schedule a 1:1 session with me here. Get the FREE Codependency Cheat Sheet here. Learn more about how I help my clients heal their codependency here. _____________________ I recorded this episode while on a wonderful & rainy walk this morning. Warning: it is RAMBLY. Very rambly. Also I’m out of

Some Loving Words & An Essential Daily Practice For You

(Links below) I hope you enjoy this tiny but mighty episode. We all complicate our healing sometimes. I want to remind you of some simple truths in this episode, and I also want to share with you my favorite way to bring myself back when I’m having a hard time. You

*Springtime Reset Workshop* Today at 2pm EST

Register for the workshop & GET THE REPLAY at this link. Yes, you can get the replay even if you find this link after the workshop took place. You deserve to be entirely in love with your life. That has been my mantra and my North Star ever since I

49. Omisade Burney-Scott on Being Sweet to Your Damn Self

The Black Girls’ Guide To Surviving Menopause   Read Omi’s Zine!   Follow Omisade on instagram.   Watch Omi’s interview with Stylikeu.   Other Inquiries:    About Omisade: Omisade Burney-Scott is a Black southern 7th generation native North Carolinian feminist, mother and healer with decades of experience in nonprofit

48. Joan Sotkin on Codependency & Money

Learn more about Joan & the energetic work that she does around money at There are 2 spots left in The Codependency Cure Mentorship–learn more and apply here.

47. How to Enjoy Your Life Instead of Dwelling On Negatives Save your spot in my free New Year’s Live Training happening December 27th & 28th. Spots are limited, and I will be coaching you live on these calls. This episode is for you if you’re struggling to appreciate yourself, struggling to celebrate or at the very least accept yourself. This

46. Oversharing

Learn more at Join me today as I discuss what it means to “overshare”, why we overshare, how to determine when it’s harmful for you, and how to stop oversharing if you want to. What is oversharing? Overstepping your own boundaries(or someone else’s depending on the information) in a