The Career Refresh with Jill Griffin

Jill Griffin

The Career Refresh provides actionable steps to keep your career and mindset fresh. We help leaders love their work again–or to figure out what’s next. Jill Griffin is an award-winning media and marketing executive turned career strategist and Executive Coach; today, she is also an Invisible Disabilities Advocate and a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.In each episode, join Jill Griffin and her guests as they share actionable mindset tips and discuss career circumstances like leadership, confidence, managing others, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, personalities, team dynamics, cultivating a culture of diversity, burnout, and job search. Jill Griffin has been featured on Adam Grant’s WorkLife Podcast from the TED Collective. She’s written articles for HuffPost, Fast Company, and Metro UK. And she’s been quoted by leading media outlets like Advertising Age, The New York Times, Departures, and The Wall Street Journal. Join the conversation on Instagram @JillGriffinOfficial and LinkedIn for daily inspiration. Visit for details on how to work with Jill Griffin.

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