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Jessica Mejia

Out to IGNITE dreams from her own flame, she’s an UNAPOLOGETIC, intermittently-irreverent-inspirational force. Jess, The Life Coach brings intensity that produces some of the most successful breakthroughs for extraordinary women connecting to their deepest level of brilliance. This is your go-to inspirational space for learning, growing, and becoming the most evolved version of the woman you’re working so hard to become. Throughout this podcast, you’ll hear directly from Latinx Entrepreneur, CEO of CoachCurator, Author, and Certified Life Coach, Jessica Mejia. Support this podcast:

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What Is My Purpose Anyway? (And How Do I Find Mine?) PART TWO

Read more in PART ONE, haven’t heard it yet? Start THERE! You’ll hear how it all began and the interesting questions I guided her through. In Part TWO I deep dive into my interpretation based on my knowledge and experience of coaching women around the world. We’re all amazing and

What Is Purpose Anyway? (And How Do I Find Mine?) Part ONE

In the first episode of season 3, I’m introducing you to the intimate space of a private coaching call. Listen in as a new client learns to navigate the common question of “What is purpose anyway?”. Due to my client not having a professional microphone, the audio is different but

Chapter 20 | Sustainable Growth & Fulfillment

“Welcome to the to the end of the beginning, my friends. You hear about it in diets and addiction. You hear about it in toxic relationships and you see it happen in the movies. People make massive changes and proclamations that they are DONE living life the way that they’ve

Chapter 19 | Purposefully VS Perfectly

“Maybe you’re looking for validation, maybe you’ve already done the work, or maybe you haven’t dug deeply into this part yet, but committing to personal or professional development and growth does not mean that the rest of your life will continue to get easier or that nothing will ever go

Chapter 18 | Processing The Change

“During and after settling into who you’re becoming you’ll become increasingly aware of the change you create around yourself. As you align yourself with this new self perspective and lifestyle, you will be presented with a new and shiny set of choices and you’ll have thoughts about these choices. You

Chapter 17 | Settling Into Extraordinary

“After struggling for a while you’ll find yourself in a place where you acknowledge that you are, indeed, becoming the woman you set out to become. You’ll begin to feel inspired and driven more days then you’ll feel uncomfortable. In fact, discomfort does not become something that you fight, resist,

Chapter 16 | Fuel The Body That Gets You There

“How you fuel your body will either help or hinder your goals. Let’s take a second and reflect back on the fact that my mom passed away from preventable disease and my father is a recovering alcoholic. So, go ahead and get cozy, because this next chapter means a lot

Chapter 15 | Inspiration To Action

“As you learn to create the thoughts that are going to be creating the results in your life, you are bound to be filled with ideas and future challenges to take on. This chapter will be about organizing those new and intentional ideas and implementing the goal action that goes

Chapter 14 | Believe DO Become

“When people believe in you…or not…do it anyway. Eventually, you will have real people in your life who support you. Even if it’s just yourself for now, and if you don’t know it already, that’s actually all you need. Be careful here not to give your power away to bitterness,

Chapter 13 | From Setback To Set UP

“When you’re correctly utilizing anticipation and strategy instead of emotions like anxiety and constant worry that things might go wrong, you’ll be ready and willing to rise again. When you experience a loss of momentum, inspiration, creativity, and even courage seems fleeting; you must take action and have a plan