The Alcohol Freedom Podcast

Michelle Kapler

Join Certified Life Coach Michelle Kapler, for a modern conversation about the way we relate to our drinking. We don’t have to hit rock bottom or identify as an alcoholic to question whether or not our relationship with alcohol is problematic. Let’s talk about it all.

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37. AF Stories: Sober Curious with Heather

Today I’m talking with my friend Heather, who approached her issues with alcohol in a creative and different way. She took a break and then successfully added alcohol back in, in an intentional way, and now she has a positive relationship with her drinking. We talk about Heather’s story, what

36. Your Drinking Does Not Make You A Bad Person

Have you ever had the thought that you’re a terrible person because of the way you drink? I hear that. I used to think that about myself. In this week’s episode, I am taking a deep dive into the reasons why we equate our drinking with our morality – even

35. How Humans Deal With Their Feelings

In today’s episode, we are talking about the four ways that humans deal with their negative feelings and why it is important to know this when you are trying to reduce or eliminate alcohol from your life.  Reacting  Avoiding  Resisting  Allowing Are all discussed in the (rather uncomfortable) analogy of

34. My Last Drink Was Two Years Ago

In this episode, we are talking about two years since my last drink. What I’ve appreciated. My new self-concept. What I have learned. The space I have created.   I also talk about how my relationships have changes – both with others and with myself.   Important Links Michelle’s Website

33. Why Resting Feels Terrible

Why does it feel so terrible when we try to rest?   And by rest, we mean ACTUALLY resting. Not scrolling social media. Not watching TV or snacking. Not reading or catching up on work emails. Just sitting and doing nothing.   We know it’s important for our health and

32. The Importance of Community with Lindsay Sutherland Boal

In today’s episode our host, Michelle Kapler, interviews Lindsay Sutherland Boal, the founder of She Walks Canada. They talk about sobriety, addiction, recovery and living an alcohol-free life in the context of being a woman. They also talk about the importance of community and of surrounding yourself with people who

31. What Is Alcohol Freedom?

In today’s quick episode our host, Michelle Kapler, is defining Alcohol Freedom. What does it mean to find alcohol freedom? Does it mean we can never drink again? Michelle says no and explains why.  It actually has nothing to do with whether or not you put alcohol into a glass

30. First Times With Shandy Arguelles

In today’s episode our host, Michelle Kapler, interviews Shandy Arguelles, a divorce attorney and divorce coach who is in her first year of alcohol freedom. They talk about Shandy’s first year and how many “firsts” she experienced. They also talk about how she navigated them.  First time at a restaurant

29. I Can Drink Whenever I Want

In today’s episode our host, Michelle Kapler, talks about our current narrative when it comes to solving your drinking problem: “You can never drink again.” Today, we are exploring an alternative way to think about it. How would it feel to say, “I can drink anytime I want to?” What

28. Dating, Divorce and Drinking With Sade Curry

In today’s episode our host, Michelle Kapler interviews Sade Curry – a dating coach. They talk about Sade’s personal experience with drinking, divorce, and dating as well as:  How to navigate dating apps and telling other people about your drinking  How to approach talking about drinking while dating  How to