The Alcohol Freedom Podcast

Michelle Kapler

Join Certified Life Coach Michelle Kapler, for a modern conversation about the way we relate to our drinking. We don’t have to hit rock bottom or identify as an alcoholic to question whether or not our relationship with alcohol is problematic. Let’s talk about it all.

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3. Picky Self-development Consumer

In all things self-development, what you consume and who you consume it from matters immensely because what you’re consuming is finding a place to reside in your mind and body. I make it super easy to find out what’s right for YOU in this week’s episode. Make sure to never

2. A Better Approach to Self-Development

The approach you take to self-development matters more than anything. The approach is what nurtures and nourishes the relationship you have with yourself – in itself, it can foster self-trust, helping you be SELF guided or it can have the opposite effect. I summed up my approach to self-development in

1. Is This For Me?

Real self empowerment is being more YOU with less and less outside conditioning that has programmed itself in your mind without your explicit consent. It’s about uncovering your authentic self, celebrating it, supporting it, nourishing it and receiving its messages. Being SELF guided is key. Listen now to find out

24. Day Interrupted

How often does your day’s plans change because of outside circumstances? If you live with other people, interact with other people or are not in charge of the whether, then my guess is – a ton! Here are my 3 Steps to getting grounded when my day has been interrupted.

23. What Others Don’t See

Being a One is so much more than irritation over uneven picture frames, frustration that others aren’t doing it the way it should be done or having high standards. What others don’t see, can’t possibly know, is the felt experience of the relentless inner critic. Make sure to never miss

049: The Power of Feeling Bad with Jen Frey

Would you do almost anything to avoid feeling bad? Most of us would. It’s human nature to avoid the things that feel uncomfortable and move towards the things that make us feel good. This is why so many of us turn to food when we’re experiencing difficult emotions. But, if

22. What to Know Before Typing Your Friends

Have you been tempted to type everyone around you? Before you do, have a listen to this episode to make sure you don’t fall into typing traps. Make sure to never miss an episode by hitting subscribe Useful Links: Website: Pick Your Perfect Project mini series: Instagram:

048: How Your Body Blocks Weight Loss with Dawn Cuckow

Weight loss can be super frustrating sometimes. You feel like you’re doing everything right, and yet the weight still doesn’t come off. It’s easy to blame yourself, but the truth is it’s not your fault. There are good biological reasons why this might be happening.  When your body’s biochemical processes

21. More Playfulness and Pleasure Please

Let’s dive into how Enneagram type Ones can lean into the qualities of the Enneagram type Seven, spontaneity and playfulness. Enjoy this episode where I share some of my insights on the topic so that you can start your own experiment. Make sure to never miss an episode by hitting

047: Who You Are As An Eater

Have you ever wondered why it’s so easy to say no to meat if you are a plant-based eater or to shrimp if you’re deathly allergic, but super hard to say no to cupcakes or Cheetos (or whatever your personal kryptonite is)? It all comes down to how you define