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Michelle Simms-Reiter

Strive Coaching Studio guides business leaders aspiring to meet the highest version of themselves to cultivate what they need to thrive in work and in life.

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It’s All About Relationships, With Guest Jim Allen

Building relationships is one of the stepping stones to great success in the workplace. Come check out the point of view from Jim Allen, founder of a successful real estate firm in Raleigh. Check us out at:

Nuggets Of Leadership Wisdom From Industry Leader Dean Sackett

Dean Sackett, who recently joined Homestead Building Company as their CEO, is a leader in the building industry. He shared his business style and tips for leadership success in this podcast. Take a moment to listen to our discussion and Dean’s Nuggets of Leadership Wisdom. Check us out at:

What Employees Really Want With Guest and Executive Recruiter Erica Lockwood

In a recent podcast, I welcomed Erica Lockwood of Joseph Chris Partners, a top executive recruiting firm in the homebuilding sector. Erica has focused exclusively on the construction and real estate development industries for over 20 years, securing top talent for companies nationwide. While she has seen many shifts in

You Are A Work In Progress. What’s Your Blueprint For Life?

In life, we are all a Work in Progress. Just as a home is constructed following a set of blueprints, if we want to achieve a goal in our lives, we need our own specific blueprint for life. If you haven’t reached your goals, chances are that you’re not following

Confidence Versus Arrogance: What’s The Difference?

Have you always wanted to be more confident, but fear coming across as arrogant? It’s just your brain playing a trick on you. Wear confidence with a smile…and ditch the misconceptions about arrogance. Learn more at:

Hyper Achiever: Is That You In There?

Are you an overachiever? A perfectionist? I was. And it affected every area of my business & personal life. If you’re pumping life too hard, you need to hear this.

Is Your Career Really Your Passion?

The more you know about yourself and what motivates your employees, the better you can navigate key decisions for yourself and others in your business.