Stop Over-drinking and Start Living

Angela Mascenik - Certified Life Coach

Stop Over-drinking and Start Living podcast is for the high achieving, goal-oriented, rebel woman to learn how to live a vibrant and fulfilling life without requiring alcohol to get through it. If you find yourself dipping into that 2nd, 3rd or 4th glass of wine to help cope with the daily life grind of work and home life, this podcast is for you. Make some positive changes with your relationship with alcohol, gain back control of how much, where, and when you drink. In each episode, Certified Life Coach Angela Mascenik, teaches self-coaching techniques to stop over-drinking, change your life, and propel you to your dreams. No labels, no stigmas, no saying you’ll never drink again. Sign up to get Angela’s most popular podcast delivered right to your inbox.

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Ep. 197, Feeling Unmotivated

I hear from so many of you that you feel unmotivated to do the work required to change your relationship with alcohol. You felt motivated at the beginning but you don’t now and you aren’t doing the work.  This podcast episode explains that feeling unmotivated ISN’T a PROBLEM.  You aren’t

3. Picky Self-development Consumer

In all things self-development, what you consume and who you consume it from matters immensely because what you’re consuming is finding a place to reside in your mind and body. I make it super easy to find out what’s right for YOU in this week’s episode. Make sure to never

Ep. 196, How to Stop Doubting Yourself

‘I don’t think I can do that.’ Is the most common thought woman have when they consider taking a break from alcohol in any capacity. It could be a one night thing, like going to a social event and not drinking, or not drinking in a Friday night, or taking

2. A Better Approach to Self-Development

The approach you take to self-development matters more than anything. The approach is what nurtures and nourishes the relationship you have with yourself – in itself, it can foster self-trust, helping you be SELF guided or it can have the opposite effect. I summed up my approach to self-development in

Ep. 195, How to Celebrate Yourself

Our society tells us we shouldn’t brag. It’s not lady like or proper to highlight yourself and your accomplishments. But why? Who came up with that rule? And regardless of why our society believes that, do you want to keep following it?  In this episode I share the benefits of

1. Is This For Me?

Real self empowerment is being more YOU with less and less outside conditioning that has programmed itself in your mind without your explicit consent. It’s about uncovering your authentic self, celebrating it, supporting it, nourishing it and receiving its messages. Being SELF guided is key. Listen now to find out

Ep. 194, Delayed Gratification

This episode explores the benefit of delayed gratification. We are used to getting what we want when we want it!  And thinking we deserve to have what we want when we want it! We do deserve what we want BUT when we are trying to change our relationship with alcohol,

Ep. 193, Obligation

Today I want to share my thoughts about obligations.  We all have them, and usually when you think about obligations you have, your mind will go to what you need to do for other people. Friendship obligations, work obligations, partner obligations, kid obligations, school obligations.  And I want to highlight

Ep. 192, Moderation Versus Quitting

I get asked all the time if I help people moderate or quit.  The answer is NEITHER!  What I do is help YOU decide what is best for you.  Tune in to this episode where I share some feedback I got from a long time AA advocate who was worried

Ep. 191, #2 Tip to Stop Over-drinking

Last week we talked about the #1 top to stop over-drinking which was to Name How You Are Feeling.This week, I share the #2 tip, and it’s a good one.You ready?it is Notice what you are thinking about having the drink. What is the dialogue in your brain when you want a