Stop. Dieting. Forever. with Jennifer Dent Brown, Life + Weight Loss Coach

Jennifer Dent Brown

Jennifer is a Life + Weight Loss Coach who helps women learn to stop dieting and start living. She created her company, LUXE Life Coaching to show that living a LUXE Life has nothing to do with money and everything to do with a state of mind. Feeling hopeless and unable to control your weight will never get you to your goal. Learning to live with the mindset of a woman who is already at her goal weight is the key to lasting, permanent weight loss. You can find out more about Jennifer at

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EP. 120 How to Stop Negative Self-Talk

“I’m so fat. I’ll never lose weight. I don’t have the resources. There’s no way it will work.” This sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It’s the negative self-talk we’ve all indulged in at some point on our weight loss journeys and it’s doing nothing to help us reach or maintain a

EP. 118 How to Create Consistency

Does this sound familiar? You start a new weight loss plan and you’re super excited. You are on cloud nine thinking about the new smaller body that’s in your future. In the beginning, you do all the things – print out the plan; buy the groceries; post in the group

EP. 117 One Way to Make Weight Loss Fun

I am so excited for you to hear this interview with seven of the Stop. Dieting. Forever.™ community members! I love to celebrate the success of my clients, virtually AND in real life and so I recently hosted a small group of eleven members of Stop. Dieting. Forever.™ in Philadelphia

EP. 116 One Simple Strategy to Clean Up Your Eating

So you are interested in being more healthy and have decided that clean eating is the way to get you there but what exactly does it mean to eat clean? And more specifically, what does clean eating mean for you?  In Stop. Dieting. Forever.™, I teach the concept of bio-individuality. 

EP. 114 The Truth

Here is the truth about weight loss – losing weight can feel hard, frustrating, lonely, and confusing.  For most of us, it’s not the physical release of weight that is difficult, it’s the emotional release that is difficult. The reality is that many of us are overweight because we don’t

EP. 113 Three Steps to Create Your LUXE Life

Each week when I think about you all, my audience, and how I can show up and bring you value. I often reflect on myself, version 1.0 and I remember the shy, anxious, overweight human that I was. When I reflect on where I am now and where I used

EP. 112 Change Your Identity to Change Your Weight

When I say change your identity to change your weight, I am not talking about transforming from Peter Parker into Spiderman. Nope! I am talking about working with your mindset to create your version 2.0 identity as a person who is already at their forever weight. You don’t have to