Spiritual & Rich AF

Denise Vernieri

Welcome to the Spiritual & Rich AF podcast where we talk about all things business, money, and spirituality. Denise Vernieri, life and business coach marries grounded business strategy, with the highest level of mindset work and energetics that brings you into deeper alignment with the work you know you are meant to do. It’s a new paradigm, one where you will learn how to create the abundance you deserve, while creating your dream life.It’s time to Align & Ascend through entrepreneurship.

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Sustainable Six-Figure Business

On today's podcast, I break down how I think about sustainable scaling. There's scaling for the sake of scaling and then having a clear path for scaling sustainably. One leads to hustle, burnout and eventually lead to an unstable business. The other is for the long term and ultimately leads

How to Create Repeat, Renewal and Referred Clients

On today's podcast, hear how Denise breaks down one of the most powerful ways for you to create repeat, renewal and referral clients and why this is the most sustainable thing to focus on in your business. Ready to work with Denise 1:1, book a call below. Click the link

Expert Energy Archetypes

Today on the podcast, Denise identifies 4 "non-expert" mindset archetypes that slow down sales. Listen in to learn:-the  4 archetypes-how they slow down your sales-what the solution is Links Mentioned in the show:To join Embodied Alchemy, our 6 month business mastermind where you will learn the mindset and strategy to

Your Sold Out Identity & Energy

Denise says thats one of the FASTEST ways to make more sales and sell out your offers is to have a SOLD OUT mindset and be in SOLD OUT energy.  This impacts your ability to sell, make offers and over-deliver to your clients. Denise makes this concept super tangible so

Client Spotlight: Following Your Higher Self In Business with Cayla Brewton

Denise talks with her long term mastermind client, Cayla Brewton about her experience of selling out her offers, filling her challenges, and selling her 1:1 offer.Cayla shares everything she's learned inside Embodied Alchemy and how its helped her with offer creation and selling as she grows her business with more

Creating Demand From Your Expertise

One of the fastest ways to create demand in your business is to believe that you are gifted, to believe that you are an expert.  Listen in to how you can create demand from your expertise and how you can believe that you're an expert already. Register or the free

What You Are REALLY Selling

On todays episode, Denise dives into one of the mistakes she sees coaches make around their offers… Not really understanding what they are selling. Theres a difference between tools and transformations, features and results. Make sure you know what you are selling so your clients know whats possible from working