Spiritual & Rich AF

Denise Vernieri

Welcome to the Spiritual & Rich AF podcast where we talk about all things business, money, and spirituality. Denise Vernieri, life and business coach marries grounded business strategy, with the highest level of mindset work and energetics that brings you into deeper alignment with the work you know you are meant to do. It’s a new paradigm, one where you will learn how to create the abundance you deserve, while creating your dream life.It’s time to Align & Ascend through entrepreneurship.

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Reputation Building Offers

If you want to create a profitable business thats sustainable,  one that you can scale by making more money having more impact then you want to create a value-driven business, not a price-driven business. Reputation building offers all have this one thing in common which is an emphasis on VALUE. 

How to Stand Out In Your Market as a Yoga Teacher or Coach

Did you know the coaching and yoga  industry is currently projected to be over 215 billion dollars by 2025. Right now, just the yoga industry sits at 88 billion.  That means there are so many people who are actively looking for you right now, and that number is only going

Offer Congruence

The yoga and coaching industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and its Denise's mission to get more money into the hands of soul-led entrepreneurs. Have you ever been stuck on what to offer next when you are ready to scale? Join on her todays podcast, as she breaks down how

Scaling is Commitment to Your Mission

Join Denise on todays episode as she talks about how committing to your mission now,  actually makes scaling easier later on. Want to  create sustainability and longevity in your yoga or coaching business?Then you have to think about your MISSION and your MOVEMENT now. Denise unpacks how to step into

Scaling through Leadership

Join Denise on todays episode where she teaches yoga teachers and coaches how to take their side hustle to scale.  She breaks down what you need in order to scale your business beyond six figures and the mistakes she sees people make that slows it down. Be sure to follow

Making Decisions for the Business You Want to Have

Join Denise on the podcast today as she talks about making intentional decisions versus reactive decisions in your business so that you create the business YOU actually want to have, not the one you currently have.  The Embodied Alchemy Business Mastermind is OPEN for enrollment. We start on 10/27!  Click

Lessons from 300k

Denise peels back the curtain on crossing over 300k in 12 months and shares the top TWO lessons she learned from crossing over 300k. No matter where you are, you can implement these lessons TODAY. Learn:-the mindset to scaling your business -how to create a business that allows you to

The 5 Steps to 100k Soul-Led Business

The steps to a 100k soul-led business and then on to multiple six-figures is to keep a simple business. Listen in on todays episode as Denise breaks down the 5 Simple steps to creating your first 10k month and then six-figure year. Make more money, sign more clients and create

Intentional Influence

Clients dropping into work with you, buy your programs or attend your retreats is not chance. There's a lot thats going on before they show up on a call to discuss ways they can work with you, that you CANT see.  And oftentimes, those sales are the first interaction you