Smooth Stones-Find Yourself after Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Babyloss

Amy Watson

When your baby died, it felt like the world stopped. But it kept going and so did you. Join Amy, a certified Life Coach and mom who has walked through stillbirth, miscarriage and pregnancy after loss as she shares her tools, knowledge and experience to show you how you can truly find yourself again after loss. If you have ever wondered if this was possible, or if you are ready to find out how, this podcast is for you. Learn more at

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115 Grief Setbacks

It feels so nice when you start to see longer breaks between grief waves. Then all of a sudden a tsunami seems to push you back right where you started. In today’s episode I’m going to tell you exactly what to do when this happens, and why it’s not as

114 When you’re Tired

There’s a reason sleep deprivation is used as a technique to break people down. Missing just a few hours of sleep can affect your mental, physical and emotional capacity so much. After miscarriage, stillbirth or babyloss of any kind, sleep can be elusive. In today’s episode you’ll learn how to

113 Dare of the Day

It’s easy to get stuck in our comfort zone, but if we want different results we need to try different things. In today’s episode I’m introducing to you a secret that will change your life. If it’s been a while since you last took a dare in middle school, buckle

112 Processing Emotions On the Go

I was recently asked: “but how am I supposed to just stop and spend a long time processing my emotions, it doesn’t seem possible to sit with them or journal in the middle of life.”   I feel that! As a busy mom and business owner I don’t have a lot

111 Keep Looking until You Find It

Have you ever been so frustrated searching for something you’ve lost? It could be your keys or your phone or anything you need and can’t find. Recently I was looking for something and it was nowhere to be found. I realized there a simple but profound lesson for all of

110 Should I go Back to Work after Loss? with Katie Joy Duke

Going back to work or not after miscarriage, stillbirth or any kind of loss can be a very difficult decision.  Today’s guest Katie Joy Duke was working as a sucessful lawyer when her daughter Poppy was suddenly stillborn. Join us as Katie shares her journey to deciding what to do

109 Resentment

Resentment red flags show up when we are not taking care of our own needs. It can feel so draining and like you are trapped, Listen in to find out where resentment comes from and how to fix it so you can improve your relationships. It’s easier than you think!

108 Anything can Happen

What feelings come up when I say “anything can happen?” When you’ve been through loss, it can seem really scary. In today’s episode we are flipping the script and opening up to how not knowing what’s coming next can be the best thing ever.  To schedule a free connection call,

107 Loving your Body

Your relationship with your body affects you every day. So many people have a less than ideal relationship with what they see in the mirror. Add to that a postpartum body without the baby and it can be tough to wade through the crap you are telling yourself. In today’s

106 Do more of what Lights You Up!

When you’re grieving and healing after miscarriage, stillbirth or any kind of baby loss, it takes a lot of energy. It can seem like your passions are hiding away in a corner, and you’re not sure if they’ll come out again.  That’s why it’s so important to be intentional in