Secrets for an Awesome Life

Joey Mascio

Have you ever seen someone completely enjoying life? Living to their fullest, not brought down by anyone or anything, totally having their stuff together? It's almost like they know secrets you don't. This show is about those secrets. Don't worry. Not very many people know these secrets. Or if they do, they don't apply them. These secrets are skills and mindsets not taught in any college or high school course. We may have heard of them, but no one taught us how to actually apply them to our lives. Which is a shame, because when you apply them, your life becomes more awesome. That's why I created this podcast, for teens who are looking to up the awesome level in their lives. I am Joey Mascio and I’m a Teen & Young Adult Life Coach. I was certified at the Life Coach School where I was trained by Master Life Coach Brooke Castillo. I've also gone through Jody Moore's Advanced Certification. I take the strategies and tools I’ve learned from these two powerful women, and lots of my own, and adapt them for teenagers and young adults. I am also a middle school teacher and counselor, a proud father of three, and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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Ups and Downs and Happiness

Sometimes it feels that life achieving happiness is an endless trek up a down escalator. But never fear! That’s actually true. And that’s a good thing, if you know how to use it.

Stop the Fart Spray

Sometimes life seems crappy. However, the truth of the matter is life is just life. Neutral. And we are spraying fart spray on it and calling it crap. Here’s a tip: STOP THE FART SPRAY!!

My Big Announcement…

My 100th Episode!! I promised a big announcement and I am delivering this episode. Or, you can go straight to the goods at

Talking to Others using the CAPE Method

Talking to other people can be tough. I talk to teens this episode about a method I use to eliminate awkwardness from my conversations and make talking to someone new a whole lot easier. Every social skills toolbox needs the CAPE!

How to Be Brave

I teach teens the recipe for being brave in this episode. You can’t face your fears, worries, and anxieties without the confidence that comes from brewing up some bravery! There are four simple ingredients: resilience, purpose, hope, and energy.

Emotional Independence

There is nothing more free than being emotionally independent. It allows you to manage relationships, make powerful choices, and keep striving for success despite failure. But, how the heck do you become emotionally independent?? Well, let me tell ya…


“I only respect those who respect me!” is a terrible way to view respect. It’s a guaranteed way to give your power to other people. Plus, it’s a recipe for a world without respect. For me, I live by this secret for an awesome life: “Respect everyone, no matter if

Truthful vs Useful

Just because a thought is true, doesn’t mean it’s useful to think. How many thoughts are you holding on to because they are “just true” even though they are stopping you from being the person you want to be? Today I talk about the option you didn’t know you had

Anchored Thoughts

We all have anchored biases, or thoughts that we grabbed onto first and have stuck around. Some may be keeping us from getting to the destination we desire. Others may be keeping us safe from the storms out in the sea. Today, I talk about how to identify which is

Fail BIG!

If we mess up in a social situation, our first instinct is to hide our failures from others. Hope nobody saw it. Guess what, they probably did. So, rather than hiding it, I have a better option for you. Put it on display. This is called “Failing BIG!” and it