Rock Your Brain Rock Your Life

Sarah Moody

WELCOME to Rock Your Brain Rock Your Life: the only podcast teaching badass women in the tech industry how to build massive confidence through simple cognitive tools and proven mindset strategies. If you’ve felt too anxious to speak up in a meeting, unable to turn off your brain when you get home from work, or just want to believe you can get that promotion, this podcast is for YOU. Every week, certified life coach and tech entrepreneur Sarah Moody teaches you how to re-program your brain and develop the new neural pathways you need for unshakeable confidence in the wild world of tech, in your relationships, and all parts of your life. You can feel calm, confident, and clear every single day if you want to. All you need is a brain and the right tools. So let’s get started! To find show notes for every episodes, plus tons of free shit to uplevel your self-coaching, head to

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You Can Be A Big F*ing Deal If…

There are times in our lives and businesses where making decisions feels really hard or scary. You might notice yourself procrastinating, buffering with mindless eating, or otherwise distracting yourself instead of focusing on the decision at hand.  This happens because so often we tell ourselves that thereʻs a right or

Ep 117: Belief in yourself is a decision you must keep making

This week I was in Arizona with my coach, Brooke Castillo and a room full of other life coaches; it was an amazing time and it brought up some things I hadnʻt examined in my own life by asking one question: Do you think youʻre extraordinary? To answer this question,

Ep 116: How You Can Change Burnout Culture

New York Times #1 best selling author Adam Grant and Arianna Huffington reviewed this amazing new book titled, THE BURNOUT CHALLENGE: Managing People’s Relationships with Their Jobs. THE BURNOUT CHALLENGE was written by two of the world’s leading burnout researchers, Christina Maslach, Ph.D and Michael Leiter, Ph.D, and I had

Ep 115: Why You Need To Think of Yourself as a Rebel

When you put yourself in this “straight jacket” of what you think is expected at work you hide a big part of your true essence.  These hidden parts of you that are light, funny, and silly, feel sad and a sense of loss that they’re locked away in this proverbial

Ep 114: Why You Want to Believe Praise

Truly believing the authentic praise you receive from others is a skill. And why am I a proponent of this skill?  Because when you can feel in your body that the praise you receive is truly who you are, you can start to align and show up in your life

Ep 113: How to Blow Your Own Mind At Work

If you’re a leader of teams, or someone who considers themselves to be a high performer at work and in life, but you often procrastinate and feel stuck in your feelings – i.e. irritated at your boss, angry with a colleague, anxious about that deliverable, this episode is for you.

Ep 112: Greatest Hits – How To Trust Yourself

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world with mid- term elections around the corner, the challenged global economy, and so much more.   Feeling calm and capable in uncertainty is a skill,  and it starts with learning how to trust yourself.   When you feel in your body that

Ep 110: Greatest Hits – How to Face Uncertainty

We have entered another period of unprecedented instability. The stock market roller coaster, corporate layoffs, the war in Ukraine, the worst hurricanes on record, and yes, the list is long.   It’s time for a “greatest hits” podcast that will teach you the skills you need to face uncertainty. We think instability

How to Use Stacy Mayer's 15-Minute Ally Meeting Strategy to Get Promoted

If you or folks on your team consider themselves high achievers ready for that next promotion, but find it challenging to identify strategies to build relationships in this hybrid or remote first work world, this episode is for you.  Those days of building relationships with management in the hallway, the