Reversing Diabetes with DelaneMD

Delane Vaughn, MD

Are you diabetic or pre-diabetic? Are you tired of sticking your finger, taking insulin and struggling with the negative side effects of medications? Do you want a better more natural way? Do you want to RESOLVE your diabetes permanently? Living A Naturally Healthy Life is the podcast for people looking to correct chronic illness, such as Diabetes, through lifestyle change rather than taking medications. As a physician and life coach, Dr. Vaughn helps people resolve diabetes, get off medications and live a naturally healthy life. During this podcast, she addresses not only type 2 diabetes, but general healthy living. Podcast episodes look critically at chronic illness, the typical management of disease and naturally healthy alternatives.

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Ep #183–The Struggle with Instant Gratification?

Do you find the thought “I will start again tomorrow,” or “I will start again Monday morning,” or “this bite won’t matter” or any other thought that postpones the health you want to create in your life? If so, this episode is for you! I break down the reasons that

Episode #182–Q&A

This episode is a Q&A. I get many questions from listeners each week. If you have them, make sure you send them to me at This episode answers a few of the most recent questions I have received. I review why your fasting blood sugars will always be your

Ep#181–Being Hard On Yourself

We all have been hard on ourselves from time to time. Many women believe this is the way to create long-lasting lifestyle changes. This episode of the podcast breaks it down, describes what is really happening when we are hard on ourselves, and explains why it just does NOT work.

Ep #179–What Your Labs Mean

Do you ever wonder why you check your blood sugar on your glucometer and recheck it immediately and they are different? Do you ever wonder what your lab results mean? Do you feel like you are chasing numbers that you don’t truly understand? If so, this episode explains it! Check

Ep #178–Keeping Your Word To Yourself

Do you find yourself making promises each morning about the food you will eat, but by lunch time you are eating breakroom pizza? Do you find yourself committing to NOT eating the foods that are making you sick with type 2 diabetes early in the day but indulge in chocolates

Ep #177

Tis’ the season for…resolutions?!?!? This episode walks through the steps I use to make meaningful, lasting changes in my life. Use these to jump start you to a diabetes-free 2023! ⁠

Ep #176–Badassery

This episode discusses what it means to be a Badass. Not what it means to be MY version of a Badass, but what it means to be YOUR version of a Badass. ⁠ What does it take? What does it look like? How do we do it? ⁠ Reversing your

Ep. #175–Urges, Cravings, and Desires

If you ever wonder why the food “speaks” to you? Why it seems to “consume” you? Why you just HAVE to eat it? If you cannot seem to figure out how to stop eating the food that is making you sick with type 2 diabetes, this episode is for you!

Episode #174–Victimhood

Are you stuck? Do you want to fix your diabetes, but find reasons that you can’t? Do those reasons sound like, “I just don’t like healthy foods,” or “my schedule is just too busy,” or “it’s so expensive to eat healthy.” If these are the stories your brain tells you,