Reversing Diabetes with DelaneMD

Delane Vaughn, MD

Are you diabetic or pre-diabetic? Are you tired of sticking your finger, taking insulin and struggling with the negative side effects of medications? Do you want a better more natural way? Do you want to RESOLVE your diabetes permanently? Living A Naturally Healthy Life is the podcast for people looking to correct chronic illness, such as Diabetes, through lifestyle change rather than taking medications. As a physician and life coach, Dr. Vaughn helps people resolve diabetes, get off medications and live a naturally healthy life. During this podcast, she addresses not only type 2 diabetes, but general healthy living. Podcast episodes look critically at chronic illness, the typical management of disease and naturally healthy alternatives.

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Episode #166–Your Microbiome and Type 2 Diabetes

What have you heard about the human microbiome? There is a lot of information coming out regarding this. Find out how your health and your type 2 diabetes are impacted by all the bacteria that live on your body!

Episode #165–Why You Are Overeating.

This is the number one issue the women in the DelaneMD group struggle with to fix their type 2 diabetes. “I don’t know why I keep eating this.” They can’t figure out why they keep eating the foods that are making them sick with type 2 diabetes. They can’t seem

Episode #164–How Exercise Helps Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Exercise is an important tool in reversing type 2 diabetes. It’s clever and slick! But not for the reasons you might think. If you want to reverse your type 2 diabetes, check out this episode to learn how to make exercise work for you!

Episode #163–Answering Email!

EMAIL ME!! I am not kidding: I want to know what questions you have. This makes for great podcast material! I WILL email you back, and then I will cover it in the podcast to make sure you have a quality answer to your questions. I received a question

Ep. #162–Why Do I Keep Eating That?

Do you find yourself asking this question? Do you know what you need to be eating to fix your type 2 diabetes, but seem to find yourself with the cookies or lasagna even though you know it is making you sick? If you do, THIS episode is for you! Check

Episode #161

What if you gave yourself the space to TRAIN to be free from your type 2 diabetes? How would your results be different? This episode dives into this powerful mindset. See how it will work for you!

Ep #160–Your Relationship with Type 2 Diabetes

Your relationships dictate your experience. They CREATE your life! We have relationships with people and with things! Health is part of this. Your relationship with your diabetes is creating your experience and results. Learning to define your current relationship and create a relationship you want will change your health. This

Episode #158–Stress and Type 2 Diabetes

Most women with type 2 diabetes only hear about the impact food has on their blood sugars. But in order to reverse your type 2 diabetes, normalize your blood sugars, and optimize your health, you have to focus on ALL factors that impact your blood sugars. Stress is a main

Episode #157–Which Side of the Road?

If you ever find yourself wondering what you need to do to reverse your type 2 diabetes? Those times when nothing seems to be working, when you aren’t seeing the results you want, when you think it’s time to throw in the towel and try something else. This episode is