Relatable Thoughts

Caleb Price

Being an adult is hard enough, what with all we gotta do in our lives. Major, job, spouse, career, future. No wonder our brain fills our mind with all kinds of thoughts to create fear, worry, and every other emotion as we try to figure out what the heck we even are doing with our lives. Come with me and we’ll explore the thoughts we all think and talk about the strategies to help us overcome these mental hurdles of life. Because in the end, you aren’t alone. In fact, it’s totally relatable.

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Episode 108: Taking the Shame Out of Sex With Carlie Palmer-Webb

Today, I have the great opportunity of having Carlie Palmer-Webb on the podcast. Carlie Palmer-Webb is a sexuality researcher, entrepreneur, enthusiastic Jesus lover, hugger, and The Christian Sex Educator. She earned her master’s degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development. Carlie grew up in a wonderful and loving Christian home,

Episode 107: The Friendzone Conversation

Something almost inevitable as a young adult is the concept of the Friendzone. Fundamentally, it’s simply communicating that your feelings are different than the other person or vice versa. Yet our society has made it so easy to avoid honestly communicating our feelings and opting to ghost the person, making

Episode 106: That’s the Way It’s Always Been

You know I didn’t watch the movie Coco for forever. Why? Because my family said it wasn’t very good. And I believed them. I thought that was the fact. I still sometimes have that thought, even after watching it and thinking it’s a pretty good movie, my brain will offer

Episode 105: How to Replace Your Problems With Solutions

You’ve probably wondered why you aren’t as positive as your friends, or why you keep thinking of the worst case scenario in dating, or never can figure out what you should actually do when it comes to your anxiety, just that it’s a problem. This in fact isn’t just normal,

Episode 104: Look At Yourself In The Mirror

I remember not liking myself when I looked in the mirror. Or just not being a fan. Or thinking we were okay, but no one liked us or there were things we needed to change. That is until I realized that nothing ever changed with these methods. And I was

Episode 103: How to Stop Overthinking FOR GOOD!

So often, I see more and more people struggling with overthinking. Thinking it’s something they’re stuck with and are trying to overcome. But that narrative of overthinking being something that we should get rid of is only keeping us stuck in it. Thinking is a gift that we have as

Episode 102: Lasting Change Requires BELIEF!

As February begins, you may wonder if you can keep going with your goals. You may be ready to throw in the towel and believe once again that you can’t change the way you want to and it’s not worth it. Do NOT believe this lie. Today on the podcast,

Episode 101: Decision Fatigue

This is for all you overthinkers, worriers, i-don’t-know-where-to-eat-ers, and shamers out there. The reason you are so tired is because you are spending your energy on something that is NOT producing anything useful for you. You recognize that spinning isn’t helping, but you can’t help it right?! What if I

Episode 100: What’s The Rush?

We tend to always be rushing in life. Rushing not only from place to place, but especially from each stage of life. As a kid we want to be older and then we want to be an adult, we want to have money in a job and then we want

Episode 99: Don’t Underestimate the Small Things

Too often we avoid the small things that actually bring change. All it takes to lose weight is to consume less energy than you burn. All it takes to get good grades is to study more than you usually do. All it takes to make money is to spend less