Relatable Thoughts

Caleb Price

Being an adult is hard enough, what with all we gotta do in our lives. Major, job, spouse, career, future. No wonder our brain fills our mind with all kinds of thoughts to create fear, worry, and every other emotion as we try to figure out what the heck we even are doing with our lives. Come with me and we’ll explore the thoughts we all think and talk about the strategies to help us overcome these mental hurdles of life. Because in the end, you aren’t alone. In fact, it’s totally relatable.

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Episode 83: Sometimes Anxiety Means Growth with Clarice Paulson

Typically, we are afraid of anxiety and just want to be rid of it. But my guest today offers not only a unique perspective on the purpose of anxiety, but also on rethinking perfectionism and how we even think about our eating habits in college. Join me today on the

Episode 82: Memories

Memory defines how we live our life every day without us even knowing. Without it, we wouldn’t have a sense of how to function in the world, we couldn’t build knowledge, and we also might not be able to really know who we are. But today on the podcast, I

Episode 81: When Enough is Enough

You know exactly what I’m talking about. That moment where everything collides and the world falls apart and you say something has got to change about this. You might be surprised to hear that I look forward to these sorts of moments in my life now. Today on the podcast,

Episode 80: FOMO

FOMO. The word is overused and you’re probably sick of it…yet it can perfectly describe the situation you keep getting into while you’re in college. This is your chance to have as many choices as possible and so how are you able to figure out what the right one is?

Episode 79: Why You Don’t Feel Like Doing The Things You Want To Do

You ever finally decide that you’re going to do that thing you’ve been putting off. And then when it’s time, you don’t feel like doing it? Right now, I’m waiting to fold a pile a laundry EXACTLY because of this.  Today on the podcast, I discuss the reason why some

Episode 78: Break Up With Bad Habits

You know a bad habit when you see it, right? Well maybe not! I think how we think about our bad habits, with all the shame/guilt/frustration/regret that surrounds it, PREVENTS us from being free from it! Bad habits can feel like you’re in bondage and you’re just stuck with no

Episode 77: Creating Confidence in College

Today, I expound on the 3 C’s of Creating Confidence in College. If you follow the following steps, you’re on your way to having the best semester where you enjoy being your true self, which in fact IS YOUR TRUE CONFIDENT SELF. And I know these steps work because I

Episode 76: Young Parenting 101 with Emily Wardrop

Are you a young parent with your first kid, not sure if you’re doing any of it right? Or maybe you’re quite experienced, yet feel like you aren’t a good parent? Or maybe you aren’t even close to being a parent, yet you still struggle in your self-worth? This is

Episode 75: Emotions Are Not Your Enemy with Zayne Khan

We have another interview on the podcast. Listen today to my lovely conversation with Zayne Khan as we talk about all things emotions and how he has been able to turn his perceived emotional weakness into one of his greatest strengths. We also dive into our thoughts surrounding body image,