Regret-Proof Your Business

Diana Murphy

Your mindset is THE most important tool in your business. Dig in here to start making the shifts you need right now to have the success and life you want!

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Interview with Tiffany Castagno of CEPHR

Tiffany Castagno is CEO & Founder of CEPHR, LLC, a Human Resources Consulting Firm that supports Small to Mid-sized Businesses to build their infrastructures-to-scale, strong teams, and a strong Employer Brand and Culture. Plan to be inspired by Tiffany’s energy and beautiful sharing of her story of starting her solo

Interview with Bridgette Boucha

You are in for a treat getting to know Bridgette and hear about her journey, so many take aways for you as an owner.  Enjoy seeing what obstacles and powerful breakthroughs Bridgette had as she started her business after leaving a corporate CFO position.  She touches on how external validation

Interview with Pamela DeRitis of Connect & Captivate

Listen in on this episode to hear how Pamela became an effective owner and jump started her business by being willing to be a little unconventional.  We talked about moving from corporate to solo ownership, integrity, working in a space that inspires, creating emotional safety in how we look at

THREE: More Revenue More Capacity Casting Vision

In this last episode in this series, I share the importance of taking time to lead your business with vision towards the future.  You will learn some key ways to integreate visioncasting into your business plan. A future vision built the business you’re currently running.  To realize the goals and

TWO: More Revenue More Capacity Lean Into Your Strengths

This is my favorite work to do with my 1:1 clients.  Once we dial down stress and our anxiety around something that is NOT working in our business, THEN it’s time to lean into your genius. Momentum and growth come from grounded action.  Each of us has a unique skillset

ONE More Revenue More Capacity: Reduce Mental Drama

I love a method, a process that becomes a habit for myself.  I lay this out in this podcast series.  This is all about setting yourself up for success by managing your thinking and emotional well being.   First, how to calm down when your world is on fire and coming

How to Handle Difficult Conversations

It can be as easy as the ABC’s.  Difficult conversations are just that, difficult.  When we have a truth we need to share, feedback that could be off putting, it is natural to pull back.  BUT, this does not serve us as coaches, business owners or trusted advisors. Join Diana

Creating Momentum for Owners in Exit

Join me in this fabulous episode hosted by John Ray at the Radio X studios in Alpharetta. I was a guest with Bill McDermott,  The Profitability Coach Bill is a dear friend and I just love this great and insightful conversation. Nothing more fun for this coach than to discuss

3 Keys to a GREAT Life and Results

In this episode, CEO Coach Diana Murphy walks you through 3 ways to Regret-proof your growth: REST, JOY and VISION.  She does this by helping you to see clues during your summer trips and experiences of what needs to be integrated into your life NOW. This is all about reducing

Permission, Fear & Deciding

Listen in to some of the insights that Diana Murphy, The Owner’s coach shares after her recent Regret-proofing workshop.  Lean into understanding how the mind thinks about Permission, Fear and Making Decisions. Use the insights shared in her group to empower you this week as you learn how you can