Regret-Proof Your Business

Diana Murphy

Your mindset is THE most important tool in your business. Dig in here to start making the shifts you need right now to have the success and life you want!

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Creating Momentum for Owners in Exit

Join me in this fabulous episode hosted by John Ray at the Radio X studios in Alpharetta. I was a guest with Bill McDermott,  The Profitability Coach Bill is a dear friend and I just love this great and insightful conversation. Nothing more fun for this coach than to discuss

3 Keys to a GREAT Life and Results

In this episode, CEO Coach Diana Murphy walks you through 3 ways to Regret-proof your growth: REST, JOY and VISION.  She does this by helping you to see clues during your summer trips and experiences of what needs to be integrated into your life NOW. This is all about reducing

Permission, Fear & Deciding

Listen in to some of the insights that Diana Murphy, The Owner’s coach shares after her recent Regret-proofing workshop.  Lean into understanding how the mind thinks about Permission, Fear and Making Decisions. Use the insights shared in her group to empower you this week as you learn how you can

Resilience Creates Momentum Here’s How

Join Diana Murphy the CEO coach as she relates her personal experience of creating Resilience and the surprising result–Momentum in her business. Lean into the process of creating resilience by forming a new relationship with your tough circumstances. Want more? Hear from Diana every Friday with helpful coaching insights, and

Learning from Mistakes & Deciding

Join Diana Murphy, CEO Coach for the Small Business Owner as she relates some authentic stories around learning from her mistakes. The grit of growth and practice of regret-proofing comes from learning and not avoiding looking at our mistakes. Lean into this episode so you can decide better next time. 

It is NEVER too late

Join Diana Murphy, CEO Coach for the Small Business Owner as she not only reminds you that age is just a number but how to manage your thinking around time. In this episode, you can discover how to see when your actions (or hesitations!)  are coming from a thought around

Welcome to Regret-Proof!

Regret-Proof: The powerful work of regret-proofing is all about living and making decisions that honor what you most want and stepping into the vision you have for your life and your business.  AND no matter HOW it turns out…….you know you did EVERYTHING you could to create that powerful outcome.  

Episode 277: How to show up for yourself on the regular.

Ever notice that you consistently show up for the things you care about? Your kids. Your pets. Your partner. Your job. How about yourself? How consistently do you show up for yourself? If you laughed and rolled your eyes at that last question because YOU are the very thing you