Redefining Rest for Public Health Professionals

Marissa McKool, MPH

The Redefining Rest podcast is for early to mid-career public health professionals with a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree who are burnt out, stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted. If you want to experience more rest, have more time, do the things that bring you joy and fulfillment, and ultimately create a life you love… then this is the podcast for you. In each episode, Career and Life Coach Marissa McKool, MPH will unpack how our society and the public health field itself promotes the narrow and false idea that rest that has to be earned and productivity makes you worthy. She will teach you how to free yourself from internalized society bias and unrealistic workplace expectations that rest is limited and finite so you can define what rest truly is for you, take more of it, and eliminate your burnout without having to quit your job. Together, we will collectively redefine how the public health workforce thinks about productivity and rest so we can do more good in the world without compromising ourselves. Get her free course on how to reduce your stress at

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