Rebel Buddhist

Ana Verzone

Rebel Buddhist is all about freedom – inside and out – so if you want to tame your mind but not your life, this podcast is for you. In each episode, Master Certified Coach Ana Verzone, DNP, will teach you practical, effective tools from the fields of psychology, eastern spirituality, and self-coaching so you can train your mind to work for you instead of against you. Learn how to get out of your own way and cultivate the compassion and resilience you need for this wild new world. Explore how you can discover your own path to enlightenment and live an adventurous life with no regrets. Start now by downloading the free Rebel Buddhist Training Kit at

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Red Flags in Relationships

As you’ve probably figured out, relationships – especially intimate relationships – are a place we have the potential to grow in a deep way… and can be similarly challenged. One of the things I learned from was in my pattern of disregarding red flags. I used to ignore things that

Gratitude – Pillars of Happiness, Part 2

This week’s episode is about the second pillar of happiness, which dovetails off last week’s episode on generosity (link in the resources if you missed it). Now, we’re diving into gratitude, framing it in a different way than you may have heard before – within the fundamentals of the foundation

The Importance of Generosity

Welcome to the first of a two-part conversation about essential pillars of happiness that are often glossed over as sort of “spiritual practice 101.”    This week we’re going to talk about generosity, and why it’s so important to us feeling content, and even joy.   The first place I

How to Reparent Ourselves

One thing that seems to bring out a lot of resistance with my clients is when they’re complaining about their partner and we arrive at the part of the conversation about how what we usually want from our partners is what we need to learn to give ourselves.   And

Bearing Witness – Who Did You Tell?

When I was around 6 years old, I was on the playground and a boy was yelling at me to not play on the monkey bars. When I stood up to him and told him I could be on the monkey bars if I wanted, he punched me in my

Creating Keystone Habits

Every wonder how some people get so much sh*t done? Like how do they meditate AND run a business AND have three kids AND get in a yoga session in every day?   This week, I want to talk to you about habits – but not just regular habits: keystone

How to Know if You're Making Spiritual Progress

All too often we focus on the ways we’re imperfect instead of the ways we’ve made progress on our path. This happens for a lot of reasons, but also has to do with the fact that we often ignore the more subtle – yet important – parts of our progress.

Authenticity, Courage, and Relationships

My husband is seriously awesome. But he can also be really annoying to me. When our daughter was younger and I was home with a toddler AND working full time, he would spend 3.5 months every year out of state paragliding just for the fun of it. That period of

"Who Am I?" Loneliness and Our Self-Concept

One of the most common patterns I’m seeing these days with clients – and in society – is a sense of being alone and a deep longing for connection.   As humans, this is natural. We are social creatures. We get our sense of safety in the world from being

Creating emotional safety

This week I want to share some thoughts on creating emotional safety, which is essential for our growth and healing. It’s what allows us to choose discomfort over comfort. The saying by John Shedd, “ships are safe in harbor but that is not what ships are built for,” hold true.