Parenting in Real Life

Alan and Alexis Tanner

As the parents of 5 kids, we know what it’s like to be in survival mode. To feel like you’re just trying to get through the day. We have found that it’s the simple, every day joys that make parenting more fun. We help parents laugh a bit more and create fun in day to day parenting. Listen to our podcast for simple ways to have fun as a family. Visit us at

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BH 77 – Ruby and Wishes

Learn to harness the power of wishes, and surround yourself with people who dream as big as you do! Achieve your family goals by becoming a Devine desirer. Ruby and the Well — Send in a voice message:

61. How Bad Do You Want the Life You Want?

How bad do you really want the life you want? What would it look like for you to get out of your head and go after the life you want? Listen in today to envision some possibilities. Then take this as an invitation to create more of what you want

BH 75 – Peanut Butter Kiss

What does it mean to be our best self? Is it the same thing as being our most perfect self? This week we lean into the mess and unpack our perfectionism.  — Send in a voice message:

60. Mixed Race Relationship Workshop Invitation

Are you in a mixed-race relationship? Do you sometimes wonder where the disconnect is? Many times this boils down to you and your partner literally having different lived experiences. Not because you or your partner are doing something wrong. Join me for a special workshop where I talk about how

BH 74 – Manual Shattering

How do we even start reprogramming our hearts for abundance so that our relationships and houses reflect flow back to us? How do we see the things around us, good and bad, as the waves we surf to heal and connect? It all starts with dismantling the rules of the

59. Women in Real Estate: Alyssa Holbrook

Have you ever considered earning passive income through Real Estate? My special guest today, Alyssa Holbrook helps her clients do just that. Tune in to hear her share her real, raw, and personal journey. She leads by example and you will walk away from this conversation inspired. Enjoy! You can

Ep 133 – A Guide to Fast Food Ice Cream

When you want a fun treat with the family, fast food ice cream is one of our go tos. But where is the best ice cream? Which is the cheapest? Which is the easiest to feed a family? We’re going to tell you our favorites and why and also share

BH 73 – Balance is Movement

Being balanced doesn’t mean being completely still. It is a million micro (and sometimes macro) adjustments that keep us constantly moving towards center.  — Send in a voice message: