Overwhelmed to Intentional

Kristen Alanah

You’re a professional millennial woman. You appear as if you have it together. People probably assume that you do. But you know. You know that you don’t actually feel like you have it together. You feel a bit like a fraud. You’re living in a state of overwhelm that you’ve tried to solve for years, and nothing has worked. There’s another way. I’m here to help.

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Overwhelmed in Your Relationships

When you're overwhelmed in your relationships, it's likely that you're thinking THEY need to change for you to feel better. What if you could feel better even if they don't change? That's what you'll learn in this episode. This is the work we do in coaching. If you want to

How to Trust Yourself

Do you say that you can't be trusted to do what you say you'll do? Maybe you'd consider yourself trustworthy as it relates to other people or other obligations, but not when it comes to your own goals. This episode will teach you how to begin to trust yourself. If

Back to Basics: Why You're Overwhelmed and What To Do About It

If you're feeling overwhelmed right now and you want help today, this episode is for you. If you're ready to stop living in a constant state of overwhelm and ditch overwhelm for good, book a free consultation call and we'll talk about how coaching will give you the tools to

Your Ideal Life

Do you ever imagine your ideal life? What it would feel like waking up to it. What you'd do every day. What if you're closer than you think to that ideal life? If you're ready to create the ideal life you imagine, book a free consultation call and we'll talk

When You Don't Know Where to Start

Wanting to start a new goal, idea, or habit but feeling overwhelmed? This episode will give you the steps for getting started. If you want to feel confident getting started on any goal you have in mind, book a free consultation call and we'll talk about how coaching will give

Living Reactively

Do you find yourself arranging your life around everyone and everything else? You're feeling resentful but you're not sure how to change this. This episode will help. If you want to start living proactively, book a free consultation call and we'll talk about how coaching will give you the tools

Wanting People to Change

Wishing people would change? If only they would, you'd feel better, right? What if we don't need people to change for us to feel better? This is the best news ever and this episode will show you how. If you want to take this to the next level and feel

When It's Hard

In a hard season of life? Struggling to accomplish a goal, in the middle of a hard situation, or just feeling frustrated by a particular area of your life? This episode will help! If you want even more help in your hard season, book a free consultation call and we'll

Are Your Goals Optional or Absolute?

Are your goals optional or absolute? Are you making excuses for not achieving them or are you sure they are done and you're taking action accordingly? This week's episode will help you find out. If you want your goals to be absolute, and then be completed, book a free consultation call

How to Think Intentionally to Create the Life You Want

The way to create the life you want is by thinking intentionally instead of unintentionally.  This episode will teach you how to think intentionally, and coaching will show you how to implement this to create an intentional life. You can book a free consultation call to decide if coaching is