Overwhelmed to Intentional

Kristen Alanah

You’re a professional millennial woman. You appear as if you have it together. People probably assume that you do. But you know. You know that you don’t actually feel like you have it together. You feel a bit like a fraud. You’re living in a state of overwhelm that you’ve tried to solve for years, and nothing has worked. There’s another way. I’m here to help.

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A Life Update and What's Next

Taking this episode to give you an update about what I've been up to and what's coming up next. Thanks for being here. Excited about what's ahead. Want a guide to creating a to do list that will have you actually getting more done? Download yours here. Or want a

Taking A Pause

I'm taking a pause on a few things here soon and wanted to share more about that, as well as what I'd recommend when it comes to taking pauses. If you're ready for coaching, I'd love to work together. To get started, book a free consultation call. Want a guide

Dreaming Bigger and Being Delusional

How often do you dream about the life you desire? If you didn't have to figure out exactly how to get there, but only got to dream, what would you dream about? This episode will help you dream bigger, and be a little delusional in the process. Coaching is how

Best Case Scenario

What if it all works out? What if you could actually live your best case scenario? If you've been thinking that things don't tend to work out, this episode will change that. This is the work we do in coaching, and you learn to be the person that lives your

How to Take Better Care of Yourself

Feeling tired, burned out, overworked, and just not taking great care of yourself? This episode will give you some tips and some new ways to think about taking better care of yourself first.  This is the work we do in coaching, and you learn to be the person that prioritizes

Overwhelmed by Text Messages

Staring at that little red bubble above your text message app… and having no idea how to start tackling them? This episode will help you not only take the steps to do so but become the person that doesn't get behind on texts again. This is the work we do

Feel Bad on Purpose

Maybe you think negative emotions should be avoided. Feelings like anger, shame, frustration, overwhelm, and vulnerability. If you find yourself running from those and trying to feel better by eating, drinking, scrolling, or shopping, this episode will show you how to feel those on purpose. Doing so is how you

My Approach to Coaching

If you've considered coaching with me, but have wondered what it would be like, this episode will give you some insight. The first step is to book a free consultation call and there we'll talk about how coaching can help you feel more ease, peace, and enjoyment in your life.

How to Live Your Intentional Life

Wanting to live a more mindful, intentional life that you love waking up to every day, but don't know where to start? This episode will give you some tips and examples to create your intentional life.   This is the work we do in coaching. We take you from where you

What to do When You're So Busy

When life is super busy, you probably feel the most overwhelmed. This episode will teach you how to feel better, even when life is full.  This is the work we do in coaching. If you want to learn how to feel calm despite the chaos, book a free consultation call