Overcome Pornography for Good

Sara Brewer

This podcast is for anyone who wants to overcome pornography for good. It will teach you about your brain and how to completely quit a pornography habit, 100% shame-free. If your ideal life doesn’t include a porn habit, then this is the show for you. Visit sarabrewer.com to learn more about overcoming pornography for good.

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107. Anger

Tune in this week to discover what your anger is trying to tell you, and how to keep the focus on yourself as you work through anger that relates to other people. I’m sharing some stories from my own life about anger, why anger is just a package, and how

106. Self-Love is Not Indulgence

Discover where you’re choosing indulgence over self-love and the important differences between the two. I’m sharing how our brains find it so difficult to show ourselves compassion and some thoughts you can try to show up with more self-love when you need it most.   Get full show notes and

105. The Story of You

Tune in this week to dig deeper into your story of you. I’m giving you a practical exercise to get clear on the ways your story of you is leaving you feeling unworthy and shameful, so you can get clear on the facts of your story and how your thoughts

104. Year in Review + Visualization

This week, I’m sharing a year-in-review exercise I love doing at the end of a year. It’s very simple, but if you carve out the time to do it, I promise you will be in awe of where you are right now and excited about everything you are about to

103. My One Lesson to the World with Michael Anderson

Discover my one lesson to the world. I’m discussing with Michael Anderson how change happens not when we’re shamed into a different behavior, but when we align ourselves with our values while loving and accepting ourselves. I’m sharing the mindset tools that changed everything for me, why I chose this work,

102. Creating Trust After Betrayal Trauma with Geoff Steurer

Discover how to start creating trust after betrayal trauma. Geoff Steurer addresses the pain that occurs on both sides of the situation, what the porn viewer can do to heal themselves as they heal their relationship, and the power of coregulation as you move through betrayal trauma, navigate shame and

101. What’s Possible with Chaz

Chaz shares his experience of struggling with pornography and learning the skills of overcoming this habit, all while making it work within his faith beliefs. He’s sharing the trajectory of his porn use, why he felt stuck, and the concepts that made the biggest difference in helping him get out

100. Top Lessons from 100 Episodes

Discover my top lessons from 100 episodes of Overcome Pornography for Good. I’m discussing what I’ve learned in regard to being productive without burning out, showing up with commitment and effort, how to make the difficult things fun, the importance of focusing on happiness as well as success, and the

When The Holidays Are Hard

When you have a loved one who is struggling with their mental health, the holiday season can be a mine field! With more stress (even good stress!) comes more flair ups, meaning all your best laid plans could fall apart in a second. Your spouse might have an anxiety attack

99. How to Guarantee Success

Can you guarantee success? The truth is, no one else can guarantee success for you, but you can make it a certainty for yourself. Nobody else out there can do the work for you. This is all about taking responsibility for your own healing and cultivating a mindset that makes