Overcome Pornography for Good

Sara Brewer

This podcast is for anyone who wants to overcome pornography for good. It will teach you about your brain and how to completely quit a pornography habit, 100% shame-free. If your ideal life doesn’t include a porn habit, then this is the show for you. Visit sarabrewer.com to learn more about overcoming pornography for good.

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89. Research on Moral Incongruence with Ryan Hewitt

Tune in this week for a deeper understanding of the psychological tension that keeps people going back to porn time and time again. We’re discussing why simply changing the behavior of viewing porn isn’t going to help with the discomfort of moral incongruence, and Ryan is sharing what the research

88. Research on Addiction with Ryan Hewitt

In part one of this three-part series, Ryan Hewitt shares his fascinating research on addiction and porn. You’ll discover how, in many cases, perceived addiction around porn is rooted in an internal battle rather than an actual addiction, and why we have to be cautious about labeling our impulses as

87. Worthiness

Discover everything you need to know about being worthy and creating the feeling of worthiness. I’m sharing why you don’t have to change your behavior in order to feel worthy, why quitting porn in itself isn’t where your worthiness is going to come from, and how you can create worthiness

86. You Are Not Your Thoughts

This week, learn how to recognize that you are not your thoughts. I’m showing you why we have certain thoughts that we seem to keep thinking no matter how hard we try not to, and how to start becoming an observer of your thoughts to allow more peace and self-love

85. LGBTQ+ and Porn with TJ Thomas

Discover new insights and perspectives around the relationship between the LGBTQ+ community, the Church, and viewing pornography. We’re discussing how religion impacted TJ’s experience of processing his sexual orientation, why pornography use doesn’t influence your sexual orientation, and the importance of dismantling the internalized homophobia that makes acknowledging and exploring

84. Success Circle with Tina

Tina and I dive into a three-part concept called The Success Circle. You’ll learn what The Success Circle entails, how each element interacts with each other, and what is required of you to create incremental progress towards your goals.     Get full show notes and more information here: https://www.sarabrewer.com/blog/success-circle-with-tina

83. Top 3 Lessons from Private Coaching

If you’re truly sick and tired of porn controlling you, you no longer believe the narrative that you’ll have to struggle forever, or you believe you’re capable of anything, but for some reason, porn has been the one thing you can’t seem to get rid of, join me this week. You’ll hear

82. Loneliness

Discover how the feeling of loneliness contributes to a pornography habit. I’m sharing the impact of the thoughts you have around your loneliness, how to recognize these thoughts when they come up, and I’m showing you how to change the narrative that your loneliness is something that needs a quick

81. Maybe the Problem Isn’t You

Sometimes, the problem isn’t that you just suck. Sometimes, the problem is that you need to take a look at the systems and the way you’re going about where you’re trying to get.  Join me to discover how, maybe, the problem isn’t you if you’re struggling to quit viewing pornography.

80. Past vs. Future Focus

Discover why quitting porn is possible, even if you’ve never made it a day without viewing porn in the past. I’m sharing how to see why your past doesn’t define your future, and how to start focusing solely on your future to give up pornography for good.      Get