Overcome Emotional Eating

Pamella Arnold

This podcast is for you, woman, that are struggling with your weight because you can’t seem to be able to stop emotional eating. Your emotions are leading you to uncontrollable eating.You probably have tried all diets out there and nothing seems to stick long enough for you to feel in control. You think your problem is that you love food too much and that’s why you can’t stop overeating. You feel hopeless, defeated and stuck in a vicious cycle making it impossible for you to take control over your eating habits.What I want to teach you on this podcast is how to overcome all of that, so you can feel empowered and in control of your eating habits, emotions, body and life WITHOUT using willpower.Image a life without mind drama around food, about your body… how freeing that would be for you? What would you do? Who would you be? We will tackle all of that and much more with a pinch of accent and a handful of fun. Stay tuned! I’m Pamella Arnold, weight loss coach and nutritional therapist. I will help you overcome emotional eating, lose weight, and feel in control over your body and life again.www.pamellaarnold.com

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