Not your Basic Badass- Boundaries for Life with Rachel Shumway

Rachel Shumway

Emotional Resilience Mentor Rachel Shumway shares tidbits to help women set loving boundaries so that they can have the best relationship with the most important person in their lives: themselves. Because when you uphold your boundaries, you gain courage to open up and let yourself be seen, loved and supported. This podcast includes a mix of coaching, cognitive restructuring , and step-by step conversation strategies to give badass women the tools to bring confidence into their relationships with authenticity and ease.

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7. How and Why to Believe New Things with ADHD- The 6 Tips

If you have ever asked yourself the question “I want to believe xyz…. but its just not true” then this episode for you. We will dive into how and why to change your limiting beliefs. There are 6 main things you can do to track your belief level and build

14. Ideas for Handling Toxic People with Sarah K. Ramsey

Sarah K Ramsey is a Toxic Relationship Specialist and the world’s leading expert on how to become Toxic Person Proof. She is best selling author of the book Becoming Toxic Person Proof and the host of a globally-acclaimed podcast: Toxic Person Proof. Sarah works with women who have experienced toxic

Learning from and Loving Failure with Kaila Minion

Today we are joined by the amazing Kaila Minion of Iron Body Coaching to talk about Holistic Health, changing your habits and becoming more of who you are. Kaila specializes in personal transformation, nutrition fitness and behavior change. She shares her experience in changing her health and loving herself like

15. Cultivate Self-Confidence Before Being an Expert.

Ever wonder why some people just seem impenatrable? Obstacle after obstacle, they just keep going? Its pretty remarkable to watch, and even more remarkable when you realize that you can also be confident (even if you suck at something.) Tune in to learn the 3 step process to confidence today!

13. When Is the Right Time to Set Boundaries in Relationships?

IS IT OK for me to set boundaries? When is the right time? Which I find a very interesting question, its like asking if it is OK to put up a fence in your yard. Yet, humans, myself included find ourselves asking this question when conflict arises in relationships. We

12. Boundaries 101: What they are and Where to Start

In this episode, we address basic questions like what is a boundary in a relationship,  how to set them, different types of boundaries and examples of how to draw those lines in your relationships. A lot of people think that boundaries are something you set to control people, or arent

BONUS: Mens Mental Health with Peter Lynch

Join me today with a very special guest, Peter Lynch who shares all about struggles with mens mental health. There are way more commonalities between trauma healing in men and women than there are differences. We dive into societal expectations of men, how it affects their ability to heal, express

11. How to Not be Fake- Drop the People Pleasing

Nobody likes a fakeass bitch…. But sometimes we all have those tendencies even if we are well intentioned. What does it mean to be fake? And how and why  can we drop the people-pleasing  that identity to start self-advocating using LOVE instead of manipulation.  Download the Badass Boundaries Free Starter

10. Receiving the Divine Feminine with Candice Smiley- Part 2

This episode is the second part of the divine feminine series with Candice Smiley about learning how to RECEIVE more of what we desire. In this episode, we talk about the sacred masculine and divine feminine balance to open our lives up to more flow between the yin and yang!