Not Your Average Runner, A Running Podcast

Jill Angie

The Not Your Average Runner Podcast teaches plus-size, mid-life women practical ways to start running in the body they have right now. Certified Running & Life Coach Jill Angie combines her real-life experience and coaching wisdom to help women find joy in learning to run in a way that honors their unique size, shape, speed or age. You’ll be surprised at how much you can enjoy running when you know how to do it! Download a free one-week jumpstart plan to get started today at

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271. Coach Jen’s BIG Announcement!

Five years ago, Jen walked us through her first-ever marathon experience. Safe to say, she didn’t love it. Well, she’s back today because she’s doing it to herself all over again. A lot has changed since Jen last trained for a big running event, so she’s sharing the physical training,

270. How to Make the First Mile Easier

This week, we’re talking about the first mile of your run and how it feels like ass most of the time. Tune in to discover three reasons why the first mile of your run usually always feels difficult. I’m showing you why most runners don’t just get up and running

269. Running After Weight Loss Surgery

If you’re one of the dozens of people who have requested an episode on running after weight loss surgery, it’s your lucky day. Some of my clients have had this surgery, and they’re generously giving you everything you need to know to make it a success, from what to expect

268. Living in a “Less Than Perfect” Body with Shannon Hennig

In a world that is highly fatphobic and skinny is seen as the epitome of health, fat people experience biases and stigma that not only feel terrible but have real consequences. Shannon Hennig is a plus-sized personal trainer and wellness coach with multiple chronic health conditions. She’s sharing her story,

267. How to Ask for What You Want When You’re Fat

I experienced something recently that got me thinking about how conditioned we are to blame ourselves when we don’t fit someone else’s expectations. It happens on airplanes with seatbelts, and it happens at races with race shirts that only come in S, M, and L.   Tune in this week

266. Three Must-Do Self-Care Tips for Runners

Join me this week to discover my top three must-do self-care tips so you can keep mentally and physically fit to run and enjoy it. You’ll learn why self-care isn’t just about the physical side of things, and how to create a plan so your running game is on point,

265. Body Image in Athletes with Jane Pilger

If your lived experience of your body is one that’s currently centered around rejecting, bypassing, or ignoring it, listen in. Food freedom and body trust coach, Jane Pilger, is offering her top tips for working in partnership with your body, and showing you how, without trust and acceptance, you will

262. Fueling Your Body Through Menopause with Elizabeth Sherman

Tune in this week to discover how to fuel your body through menopause. I’m joined by health coach for women in mid-life, Elizabeth Sherman, to discuss the physical and mental impacts of menopause, and why breaking the patriarchal conditioning of ignoring its existence is the key to improving our experience