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Natalie Bibeau

Learn how to combine public relations and social media to make yourself known with the advice of an international PR expert who will reveal the pros’s secrets.

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87- Le Bon Panier and Marie-Pier St-Laurent : A NATA PR SCHOOL student

For this 87thepisode, I am delighted to welcome one of our students from NATA PR SCHOOL, Marie-Pier St-Laurent. Marie-Pier launched her own company Marine Marketing recently and decided to enroll in one of our training to create a public relations campaign for one of her clients: LE BON PANIER. Digital

86- Atypic and Antoine Bolduc: A NATA PR SCHOOL student

For this 86th episode, I am delighted to welcome one of our students from NATA PR SCHOOL, Antoine Bolduc, a new entrepreneur who participated in one of our training programs and had great success. Antoine is a trained accountant and an outdoor lover, which led him to create his vegan

85- The Canadian market vs. the American market

Interview with David Tremblay, Vice President, Partner at NATA PR Hello, David, and welcome to this 85thepisode of the NATA PR SCHOOL podcast. So much has happened since our interview way back in our 10th episode! For those who would like to get to know David better, I invite you

84- NEW PROGRAM: Make yourself known and increase your sales!

Get people talking about you in the media and online! Stand out from the crowd! We often receive calls from start-ups and companies that have never used public relations and don’t know where to begin. Meanwhile, their competitors are being mentioned in articles and appearing in TV interviews. Many marketing

83- Make yourself known with public relations

Brands that have successfully made themselves known among their target client bases have, at one point or another, used these two public relations strategies. Telling their story Founders or executives have chosen to reach their potential clients by telling their story thousands of times to journalists and influencers. Using an

82- The difference between PR, marketing and advertising

Right off the top, it’s good to clarify that marketing includes PR and advertising. Let’s say marketing is the umbrella that generally covers five areas, known as the 5 Ps: Product – definition and description of the product Price – setting the price People – the intended target, including the

81- PR and Marketing Laws – Rule No. 20: Candour

Nothing affects humans more than sincerity and candour. What are we to think of people who talk about their mistakes or admit they’ve never gotten their driver’s license because they have no sense of direction or they can’t tell north from south or left from right? Well, it’s that law

80- Balmain: reinventing a brand’s codes

For our 80th episode, I’m delighted to welcome back Andy Thê-Anh, an immensely talented stylist and fashion designer whom I interviewed in episode 70, when we were analyzing Lululemon’s successes. Hello, Andy! Thank you for accepting my invitation to discuss the Balmain brand. The 2021 Netflix documentary, which we both

79- PR and Marketing Laws – Rule 19: The Law of Perspective

Bonjour, Hello and welcome to this 79th episode of the NATA PR SCHOOL podcast. Are you someone who believes that selling more and more contributes to a company’s growth? It’s true that in the short term, selling more items can help to increase revenue. But those who are trapped in

78- PR and Marketing Laws – Rule No. 18: Division

When you have more than 30 years of industry experience, like I do, numerous examples come to mind when this Law of Division is mentioned. To illustrate this rule, I’ve chosen to return to the media universe, because I think it’s the most obvious example, and the easiest to understand.