My Soul Life with Susan Scollen

Susan Scollen

Each week, I interview every day people and wellness experts about following our souls calling and embodying what lights us up so we can be even more amazing people and manifest our legacy for future generations right now. Be inspired. And join me on Thursdays for the Beginner Health Sessions, for simple ways you can up level your own health and wellness. Le’s inspire each other. After Susan’s own journey with Post Natal Depression, which she healed naturally through following her intuition, nutrition, exercise and mindset. She is now an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, a Certified International Health Coach and Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach. Susan coaches people to live in alignment with their soul, follow their dreams and live their legacy.

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Removing the Stigma of Addiction with Heather Ross

Heather Ross is a woman whose story is full of heartbreak, healing, love and a call for change. Heather's daughter struggled with substance addiction and at first Heather couldn't navigate how to support her but she realisation that healing, for both herself and her daughter, had to start with love.

Doing things differently with Susan Scollen

I'm sharing what's on my heart and that's about doing things differently. Everything's connected and how we do one thing is how we do everything. I've been doing some beautiful and deep work to embody more of my true authentic self in my life and in my business and now

Creating Aligned Relationships with Christine Bongiovanni

Christine's been working with women and helping them to transform for 30+ years. After her own journey with self-sabotaging behaviours, disordered eating and chemical abuse, plus low self-worth and looking for love outside of herself she knew it was time to do the internal work. She took the steps forward,

Managing Our Minds with Susan Scollen

We can manage our thoughts but we can't control them. As we evolve in our lives, our thoughts will evolve with us because our beliefs change as we change. That doesn't stop the 'I'm not good enough' or similar thoughts, but we move through them quicker. We see them and

Project 2022 so far with Susan Scollen and interviewed by Mel Oxman

In this exciting 200th episode we welcome back the beautiful Mel Oxman for a soul inspiring conversation about Susan's Project 2022 journey. We hear all about Susan's transforming and transcendant experiences this year as she has dived deeper into her health and soul, some things expectd, and some not, but

Multi-modal Healing with Susan Scollen

Healing for me used to be one dimensional. Now it's multi-modal, which means I look deeper than the physical and  include the emotional and spiritual. This gives me the opportunity to transcend and transform my health and go deeper into what's truly helping me. I also experiment, not everything has

Love & Pregnancy Loss with Amy Watson

Amy always dreamt of being a mum, and after 4 dreamy pregnancies, her fifth child was still born. Devastated, and also knowing her family wasn't complete yet, she decided to try again. She gave birth to her sixth child and then had a miscarrige. She had one more pregnancy, and

When People Don't Understand with Susan Scollen

Let's dive into something most of us, if not perhaps all of us face, and that's when other people don't understand why we do what we do. What's important when this comes up, is to acknowledge that those stories are not our stories. We can hold space for other people's

Thriving Mid-life Health with Margot Shute

Margot Shute's an incredible woman who's moved through PCOS, menopause, diabetes and stress on her journey to finding mid-life health. After a rocky road of weight and health issues from a young age, Margot reminds us that weight is not the issue, but a symptom of the issue. Margot shares

I get to with Susan Scollen

When you first wake up in the morning and you think about your day, are you thinking of it from the perspective of, I HAVE to? In this episode I'm showing you that by releasing the I HAVE to mindset and reframing that mindset to I GET to, creates a