My Soul Life with Susan Scollen

Susan Scollen

Each week, I interview every day people and wellness experts about following our souls calling and embodying what lights us up so we can be even more amazing people and manifest our legacy for future generations right now. Be inspired. And join me on Thursdays for the Beginner Health Sessions, for simple ways you can up level your own health and wellness. Le’s inspire each other. After Susan’s own journey with Post Natal Depression, which she healed naturally through following her intuition, nutrition, exercise and mindset. She is now an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, a Certified International Health Coach and Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach. Susan coaches people to live in alignment with their soul, follow their dreams and live their legacy.

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I'm not perfect with Susan Scollen

We can think that everyone around us has it all together, but they don't! Let me tell you that I don't have it all together, I'm not perfect and that plays out in all areas of my life. Sometimes I get frustrated with Teddy, he's still not going down easily

That Sucked, Now What? with Dr Neeta Bhushan

Imagine being able to express yourself  fully and be an expander for others? We all have this within us and Neeta's new book, That Sucked, Now What?, embraces  and supports us to let go of the stories that society tell us we should be, so we can open up to

Adventure Goals Debunked with Susan Scollen

Adventure Goals don't have to be these  big hard things, nor should they be. I went on an adventure and explored how I set goals, how I let them evolve and learnt some lessons too all by playing a Roblox game Teddy was playing. Yep, it had NOTHING to do

Deepening our relationships with Ann Visser

Ann knew she was married to the love of  her life, but she had lost herself. Being  married and having 5 children in 6 years took a toll and created an emotional separation between her and her husband. Bravely, she said 'I can't do marriage like this any more.' Which

Thought Work with Susan Scollen

I love being told I can't change something because I know I can. I knew I was grinding and clenching my teeth, but I didn't know why. When I explored it with thought work and the model, I found the feelings that were driving both actions and it was in

Holistic Wellness with Dr Janiel Henry

We're worthy of being well. Janiel Henry and her team at Women Rise, are helping and inspiring women to create holistic wellness through prioritising themselves. We can get lost in the stresses of life, through our multiple identities. We put others first with the intention of getting to ourselves but

Create your dreams NOW with Susan Scollen

Our dreams aren't meant to be easy and they're not meant for anyone else – they're meant for you. Plus, there's absolutely no time like the present –  because that's all we have. So what have you been called to do and what's that one next step you can take

Compassionate Parenting with Crystal Haitsma

When our kids lose their s#*t we want them to behave better, because they know better, they're old enough to know better. Underneath those stories is your  shame – I'm not a good enough mum, I'm a terrible person, I can't do this. NONE of that's true and Crystal shares

Adventure Goals with Susan Scollen

Are you ready to make your dreams a  reality? Let's create your adventure goals. This is where the rubber hits the road. Linked to your Soul Goal, your values and who you truly are, you can achieve exactly what you want. With adventure goals, we let go of the push

Running with Fibromyalgia with Julie Anna Johnson

What if your dream was to run a half marathon but you had fibromyalgia and lived with chronic pain? Julie Anna ran it anyway. Running helps her process the things she's holding onto and it's brought in a beautiful community of runners. Plus that half marathon brought in her next