My Freedom Grove Podcast

Gretchen Hernandez

If you don’t take care of your Mental Health, your business won’t matter. Being a successful entrepreneur depends on a healthy mindset, aligned processes that support your business & life strategy and goals, and being part of a collaborative community of support. My Freedom Grove podcast sets you up for success with this 3 tiered holistic approach. Get inspired and get moving in your business while taking care of you.

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Work Stress to Work Love

Work stress can be debilitating.  If you’ve ever found youself berating yourself, thinking you are not cut out for your job or business, this episode is for you. Whether it’s the fast pace, heavy workload or ever changing environment, emotional breakdowns may have you running for the nearest bathroom.  You

Episode #134 Inner Personas

Have you ever had those weeks where your brain keeps shouting “I don’t want to do that?”.  Not just for 1 task.  I’m talking about almost every task.  Even the ones that you really enjoy?Our brains can be so uncooperative at times, right?   I have a theory.  Our brains are

Episode #133 Decision Making

Brainstorming business solutions is a beautiful thing,  The innovation can lead to substantial breakthoughs. However, the sheer volume of ideas can be overwhelming. Conquer overwhelm by making decisions.  Decision making doesn’t have to be an angst-filled activity that keeps you up at night. Learn this quick and easy decision making

Episode #132 Result Responsibility & Allowance

Who’s really responsible for a result?  The customer?  Or the business that was hired to provide a product/service to achieve the result? It’s a widespread concern all businesses and entrepreneurs face at one time or another. If you’ve noticed a theme in both your personal and professional world in regards

Episode #131 Becoming a Published Author

 Your healing journey can be the next person’s medicine.  Delivering that medicine in book form has the potential to reach thousands world wide. But, where do you start? You are in for a special treat today.  Newly published author, Aditi Ramchandani, is here to share all the details with you.

Episode #130 Refining Your Niche

 Niche.  I can hear the collective groan when I say this word. It brings up worry and fear.  It seems like the wrong thing to do.  Yet, the evidence that it creates successful businesses is everywhere.   Working with one segment of the population, on one specific issue creates crystal clear

Episode #129 Reason, Season, Lifetime Service Processes

We all know the emotional struggle of relationships ending in our personal life.  Emotional peace comes faster when we apply the concept “people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime”. Most successful businesses include cultivating relationships with their customers.  This can create a haziness as

Episode #128 Parent Guilt with Work Schedules

Parent guilt can be a daily, heart wrenching obstacle for your business.  You have a responsiblity to create an income to take care of your family.  But when they constantly interrupt you or need your attention during work hours, what do you do? It’s a chicken and egg scenario.  Which

Episode #127 Decrease Overwhelm with Sales Funnels

 When I started my entrepreneur journey, I was totally overwhelmed. There were so many things to learn and do, I didn’t know where to start.  After a few online courses and unsuccessful website design experiments, I felt lost and defeated quickly because it “didn’t work”.  I exerted a lot of

Episode #126 Design & Plan Your Business (Replay)

There is no wrong way to get started in business, all ways are the right way. You pick whatever works for you and whatever means you have for getting started. I love using a Lean Value Canvas as a living document to keep you anchored in the process. It keeps