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Kim Guillory

More Than Mindset is all about helping healing focused entrepreneurs help more clients, create more impact and make more money. I’m talking about an integrative approach to healing and doing business that is simple, practical and powerful. I help you end the shame and guilt that’s preventing you from serving your passion and building your legacy. This is the only podcast that aligns mindset, healing, spirituality and success. Learn more at

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129: How Worry Drives Your Drinking and 3 Ways to Stop

Are you somebody who worries a lot? Do you tend to drink when you’re worried? I’m showing you how chronic worry is stopping you from making progress in your life and toward your goals, and I’m sharing three ways you can empower yourself instead of turning to alcohol as a

#213: Body Image with Dominique Vandal

Kim has a special guest on the More Than Mindset podcast today: Feminine Embodiment Coach, Dominque Vandal. For the longest time, she focused on trying to fix her body, treating it like a project always in disrepair. It wasn’t until she learned how to be in her body, to embody

198. Widows Like Us: An Interview with Cheri Metzler

It’s easy to hear how difficult and challenging it is to be a widow. It’s far less common that we get to hear stories of widows who have been through it and have come out the other side thriving.   My Mom Goes On client Cheri Metzler is one of

128: When Visiting Family Increases Your Drinking

Is visiting family a trigger for your drinking? After a long trip, tensions can run high, and your first reaction might be to pour a drink to make yourself feel better. But how do you want to react in these moments?   If you’ve noticed that you drink more, eat more,

#212: The Relationship Triad

It’s time to talk about some tough stuff. In today’s episode, Kim is going deep with what she calls the Relationship Triad. When we start working on our own growth patterns, behaviors, actions, etc., it can actually cause a bit of friction in your relationships. Changing habits means others might

197. Prolonged Grief Disorder

Grief is not a disorder, we were built to grieve. However, if at a certain point, it is persistently interfering with the quality of your life, you might be experiencing prolonged grief disorder.   Hear what prolonged grief disorder entails so you can understand if this describes your experience and

127: Commercial Wine Farming Practices with Todd White

Do you know what actually goes into commercially produced wine? There are some things commonly found in it that are potentially worse than the alcohol content itself. Here to enlighten us on this subject is Todd White, the founder and CEO of Dry Farm Wines. He has dedicated his life

#211: Dismantling Coach Shame

Coach shame has been coming up in a lot of Kim’s coaching circles lately and it’s mostly because new coaches believe they are supposed to give advice or direction to their clients. That they need to fix the problem. And that’s not it at all. In today’s episode, Kim shares

196. Oranges In, Orange Juice Out

Our brains only let data into our awareness that aligns with our thinking. If you think you’re incapable, if you’re looking for how someone in your life always screws something up, if you don’t think of your kids in the highest regard, guess what you’ll find?   Expecting to see

126: The Secret to Changing Your Drinking Permanently

There are numerous tools you can use to help you change your relationship with alcohol. However, when you decide to live a Drink Less Lifestyle, there is one key ingredient that makes using these tools sustainable for the long term.   Without this key ingredient, you can only get short-term